Why You Should Choose Galvanized Steel for Your Home

Steel is a common metal used in a variety of industries from home building to highways to utility companies. Your home likely has several pieces of galvanized steel lurking beneath the walls such as nuts and bolts. What are the benefits of using galvanized steel, how is it made and where can you use it are all common questions.

What Is Galvanizing?

Galvanizing steel coats the steel in a zinc-iron intermetallic layer to prevent corrosion of the metal. The material is inspected in galvanizing plants to ensure a quality coating then cleaned with a caustic solution. Once the dirt and grease are removed, the metal is dipped into a sulfuric or hydrochloric acid bath to remove rust and mill scale. A final bath is needed to ensure proper steel and zinc interaction. Finally, the metal is dipped into 850-degrees of molten zinc in a kettle to finish the process. The galvanized steel is inspected and measured for thickness.

How To Use?

Galvanized steel makes excellent fences that maintain their look for years without a lot of maintenance. You likely have galvanized steel bolts in certain parts of the home holding together trusses for the roof, in the attic or outdoor pipes. Signposts, handrails, exposed structural steel, electrical cabinets, transmission towers, cell towers, walkways, storage tanks and boat trailers are some common areas to use galvanized steel.

Why Choose Galvanizing?

Galvanized steel can last up to 70 years depending on the environment. The material resists corrosion by not allowing moisture to penetrate to the iron beneath the zinc. The zinc-iron layer is abrasion resistant as well because it is harder than steel by itself.

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Enjoy a low-maintenance material on your next project around the house. Whether installing a new fence or adding a trellis to the garden, galvanized steel has a nice, shiny silver look that lasts for years to come.