Why Is My Pond Full of Algae?

Looking out over your pond and seeing nothing but a layer of algae can be disheartening. It seems impossible to get rid of the problem. Pond maintenance specialists can find out what type of algae is plaguing your pond and gets rid of the problem quickly. Your pond will return to a healthy balance in no time.

Lack of Pond Maintenance

A pond that has remained untouched and untested can begin to look rough after a while. It takes regular maintenance to ensure the health and natural balance of plants, water, and minerals are maintained. Your pond will look healthier and all wildlife dependent on it as a source of drinking water or to live in will be happier for your efforts.

Increased Heat In the Summer

Heat is one thing that can make algae blooms seem to spring up from nowhere. The bright sunlight and warmth will allow the algae to grow at phenomenally fast rates. Algae can quickly take over the entire surface of the water and make the pond look bad. It can block the necessary light from other underwater plants.

Wood and Nutrients In the Water

Leavng large tree branches and stumps in the water provide the nutrients that algae need to feed on for growth. Other runoff nutrients can also contribute to this problem. Keeping a balance of nutrients in the water of your pond will limit the ability of most algae to grow and expand.

Identifying and Reducing Algae Levels

You need expert help to make the right pond algae identification and create a remediation plan. Along with algae control, professional pond maintenance can look after all aspects of the health of your water, plants, cleanliness, and total presentation of the pond. Your body of water will look great during all seasons of the year.

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Investing in routine pond maintenance is the best way to make sure your water stays free of choking algae and unwanted debris. You will maximize the beauty that a pond offers your property.