Why Are So Many People Upgrading Their Bathroom Vanities These Days?

Twenty years ago, the bathtub was considered the top luxury bathroom feature and replacing a tub-and-shower combo with a deep garden tub and Jacuzzi was the best way to add value to a home. Times changed and now many master bathrooms skip the tub altogether in favor of an extra-large shower with a rain head and steam. Recently, attention is shifting to the bathroom vanity and designers are coming up with interesting ways to make a vanity more of a luxury item.

Add A Sink

If the bathroom has the space for it, one of the best upgrades is to replace a one-sink vanity with double sinks. The “his and hers” sinks make a bathroom a more intimate and companionable space, and they can help families save time if they don’t have to wait for a free space in front of the mirror. However, a double sink requires at least 6 feet of space, so it doesn’t work in every bathroom.

Use A Wider Vanity

Even if there isn’t space for two sinks, increasing the size of the vanity is a big improvement. Extra width means a larger counter and more storage space below. Even a little extra width could accommodate a set of drawers or a cabinet that would significantly increase the vanity’s storage capacity.

Replace An Inset Sink With A Vessel Sink

Another popular upgrade these days is the vessel sink because of its striking appearance. This sink looks like a bowl that sits on top of the vanity counter rather than being inset. Bowls come in a range of materials, including glass and porcelain. Artisans have also created vessel sinks out of metal pans, hand-carved wooden bowls, and many other materials.

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Upgrade The Countertop

Rather than replacing an old vanity with a newer and better one, many people opt to replace or paint the countertop. An old counter can become chipped and stained over time. Replacing it with a granite countertop not only adds a beautiful and highly durable surface, but it also increases the value of the home.

Upgrades don’t have to cost a lot of money. A fresh coat of paint can often make an old vanity look like new. Check out this site for new info on bathroom renovations.