Where To Use Wood Floors And Where To Use Tile Floors?

Tiles date a very long time ago, back to ancient times when people realized what an excellent decorative element they were and how practical they were. The Egyptians, Assyrians, etc used to manufacture tile for decorative purposes only but the society later on developed this concept and used them for floors, walls, roofs, etc. Therefore, the mankind has had thousands of years at its disposal to experience manufacturing tiles and to develop an entire industry based on this concept. And this is how the market nowadays offers the most varied solutions when it comes to tiles.
Discussions have always been controversial when speaking of wood floors vs. tile floors. The wood floors certainly confer a classical aspect and warmth to a room. However, cleaning them might not always be a pleasure and they also get scratched very easily.
On the other hand, tile floors have become so varied, that they can offer you any design you can think of: modern, classical, etc. The applestone limestone only, with its beige shadows, can offer your home both a modern look and a classical one. Tiles are generally very useful when decorating one’s kitchen or bathroom. No doubt, there is no place for wood floors there, as tile floors are highly resistant to water. Also, they clean up easily and you will thus have no problem after having carried dirt from your garden into the kitchen, for instance.
However, the truth is there is no room in the house that could exclude tile floors, as they are extremely practical, they don’t get scratched easily as wood floors do and it’s always a real pleasure cleaning them. In addition to that, should you combine a tile floor with a floor heating system, you’ll obtain a really warm room, without heaters all around the place, which will offer you extra space. This is how you will not only save some money, but obtain a cozy, warm home.
All in all, wood floor could be elegant, but wood unfortunately offers you limited options, while tile floors can offer you the design you have always dreamed of. Moreover, they will help you save up energy, have more room and cleaning them will no longer be a torture.

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