What to Know About Fire Extinguisher Service, Repair, And Maintenance

Fire extinguisher service, repair, and maintenance is all part of caring for your home and facility properly. You must have fire extinguishers that work in the event of an emergency, and you are often bound by local building codes to have them in your factory, plant, office, church, school, or clinic. This article explains how service and maintenance works for these critical devices.

Where Are Your Fire Extinguishers?

You may take a moment to look around your home or facility to find the fire extinguishers that you need. You may have shoved it under the sink, or you may have stuck it in a cabinet. They must be exposed and tagged in public places such as churches, and they must have an inspection tag that is current. Your fire extinguisher maintenance plan pays for the recharging of the extinguisher, an inspection, and replacement when needed.

How Many Are Needed?

The local building code determines how many extinguishers are needed, and you may receive tips from your insurance company on the matter. They must inspect the building themselves, and they often help you get up to code in these situations.

You must have the extinguishers mounted to the wall where people can see them, and you must have a sign near them letting people know that they are there. Anything less than this is a violation of the code.

New Buildings

You may be party to a new construction or new building that needs fire extinguisher Tacoma WA servicing, and you must ask a professional to check the building for good places to hang each extinguisher. You owe it to yourself and your guests to put these extinguishers in the right places, and the service technician does most of the work on your behalf.

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You may start with a clean slate when your building is still under construction, and you must ask the service technician if they have any other options for your installation. They may show you a place to put other lifesaving devices such as a defibrillator, and you may pair these items throughout the building.

Saving Money

You cannot save money on the purchase of extinguishers on their own because they are all the same price. There are few manufacturers in the world, and you cannot afford to save money at the expense of people’s lives. There are several service plans, however, that may be of help to you.

You must ask your service technician if they know of a plan that will help you cut back on expenses and you still get the service that is needed. Consider this an investment in the safety of your building and keep your service technician close at-hand if you ever need additional assistance.

This Is A Simple Process

You may have fire extinguishers installed in your building today, and they become a part of the landscape that people do not always notice. They must be current, charged, inspected, and ready to use.