What to Do if You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are living in millions of homes and apartments all over the country. Bed bugs are often unnoticed until the infestation gets to the point where it’s almost impossible to get rid of unless you get in a professional pest control company. Bed bugs are also problematic because they bite you and your family, leaving large welts and itchy bites that could develop into an allergic reaction. Because of the issues that revolve around bed bugs, it is crucial that you call in an expert bed bug treatment cincinnati company if you suspect that you have an infestation in your home.

Do I Have an Infestation?

Bed bugs are much larger than fleas and can often be seen with the naked eye, rather than a flea problem that is undetectable. If you notice bugs living underneath the mattresses in your home, there is a pretty good chance that you have bed bugs. You can get bed bugs from a variety of different scenarios such as living in an apartment where a neighbor has an infestation, buying used bedding, couches or mattresses and having animals that go outdoors a lot. Bed bugs are incredibly resilient and don’t necessarily respond well to treatment unless it is done by an expert pest control provider.

Can I Get Rid of Them Myself?

There are a variety of household treatment products that you can try to use if you would rather forgo hiring an expert. Pest control companies can be expensive, so it makes sense that most homeowners would rather try to get rid of the problem themselves first before calling in the pros. Make sure that when you use these products, that your animals and family are out of the house. Wear a mask and gloves always, since the products are often toxic to human beings. If you are finding that these products aren’t helping with the infestation, contact a local pest control company.

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Hiring the Pros

Most pest control companies deal with bed bugs, but there are certain professionals who are unable to handle the infestation and those who completely specialize in bed bugs. You can contact a few companies to get a feel for how much it is going to cost you to have them come in and eradicate the issue for you. Keep in mind that most professional companies will need to come to your home several times before the infestation is under control. It is rare for the bed bugs to be gone after just one treatment because of the amount of eggs that they lay.

There are so many reasons to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Not only do these little pests make it almost unbearable to sleep at night, but they can be a hazard if you or one of your family members has a skin sensitivity to them. Make sure that you contact a local pest control company to find out more about their services.