Tips for Getting Creative Window Coverings

Window coverings not only provide you with a way to give your home some privacy but also lets you express your creative side through colors and textures. Whether you are designing your home yourself or are working with a professional designer, keep these three tips in mind as you decide on what materials you want to use and how you want the finished product to appear.

Use Natural Elements

Natural elements always look nice and provide you with that soft, timeless touch that you may want. Some of the most popular elements to work with in this case include wood and bamboo, both of which make amazing blinds. While they may not be able to close completely to darken a room entirely, they are great for kitchens and other living areas that you do not use for sleeping.

Keep Things Minimal

If you have been trying to minimize your belongings in general and go for a clean and simple approach to decor, you can do the same with your window coverings as well. Keep lines simple and straight, and opt for single colors, plain textures and simple finishes. Rather than choosing flowing drapes, consider panel track blinds, shutters and roller shades.

Filter the Sun

While room darkening blinds and curtains are best in bedrooms that you want to keep dark and cool, other rooms often look great with sun-filtering options. These ideas keep your room softly lit while still giving you your privacy. Consider using thin Roman shades, sheers and cellular or honeycomb shades.

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Window coverings allow you to become totally creative as you decorate your home. The sky is basically the limit for what you can do, but you should consider your budget, the style of your home and current trends if they are important to you. You may also want to consider the ease of cleaning and using your desired window treatments before you install them. Click here to discover ideas that range from modern and minimalistic to elegant and full.