The Process for Drilling a Water Well

Clean water is one of the necessities of life. There is a lot of hard work to get a glass of great-tasting water. You will need the services of a well water drilling company. They can help you get the best water from your underground well.

What is well drilling?

If you need to use a well for your water source, someone will have to drill it. A drilling rig is a large piece of equipment used for this type of work. The drilling rig can either be a rotary driller or pounder. The rotary drill bores into the earth using a circular motion. A pounder driller lifts and lowers a weight to punch holes into the ground. Most drills will use long steel cable bits to break the surface. These bits can generate heat while in use. Water is used to cool down the metal bits. Well drillers need to reach the aquifer below the ground. Most of the water source is below the water table, so the drillers will continue the process until they reach that point.

Casings stabilize the well

If not properly secured, the walls of the well can collapse. Long pipes of steel line the new well. These pieces help to prevent the walls from falling into the water source. The annulus is a gap between the casing and the well wall. Gravel and cement are added to this space to prevent contamination of the water.

Keep your water source clean

A filter is installed in the well to keep debris out of your drinking source. These filters are located at the bottom of the well. They prevent large particles from entering the water pump. When the drilling has finished, a screen is installed over the well. Some companies even use gravel at the bottom as a natural filter for the water.

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If you need water well drilling Salisbury NC, there are plenty of qualified companies in your area. You can find a reliable driller to get the best water for your home.