The Keys to Choosing a Good Property Management Company

When choosing the right company to manage your HOA in the Bay area, you want to consider a few tips that will help you narrow down the best choice. Doing online research will give a list of tips and ideas for finding the best property managers. Of course, you want a company that is competent no less, but with that you also want a company that is experienced in strengthening communities and the relationships between the residents and the board members. Relationships that are built on trust build strong lasting communities that are viable and produce growth and opportunity. When the residents feel safe in their homes and trust that their HOA fully supports them, then they gain a greater sense of loyalty and belonging. The role of the property management company is to make the communications between the HOA and the residents are streamlined and clear. The property management company needs to be experienced with handling large properties and be able to provide strong client referrals demonstrating their success.

Having a property management company that is completely local is an added benefit for HOA’s. It makes the company more appealing when the team lives in the city where the properties are located. Experience is another important factor when choosing a management company because they know how to effectively and efficiently handle emergencies and have access to repair companies in the area. A prominent company ( has been in property management since 1973 in the Bay area and has great online reviews. The site will provide information on residential services, technology offered and other useful information. You will see information about how technology is used to set up communications between residents, board members and administrators. Also, how fees and other payments can be set up electronically. Software options allow document sharing, requests, invoicing and streamlines a whole range of different tasks. There are also free proposal options available.

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Community management focuses on the relationships between the residents, the board members and the actual property managers. It also focuses on the attention given to the physical property with landscaping and maintenance. Client services is a team of managers who work to exceed the expectations of the client. When issues occur with either the client or the residents the team is there to support and bring a satisfactory resolution. The property management company will provide one call resolution so that the client is not left waiting for a call back and not knowing when that will occur. Research on good property management is an worthwhile investment and the following will provide more tips to consider.

Online tools make accounting quick and easy to manage. The software will make viewing, editing and sharing documents simple to do. The Administrative Support Team will be there to ensure that transactions flow smoothly. They are there to answer questions from the client, residents, and vendors. The AST is an effective and professional liaison that can handle audits and budgets by working with accounting and external auditors. The AST will also enforce guidelines and regulations and keep this information current on the website for residents.