The Impact of Having the Right Roofing Insulation

A complete healthy roof involves more than what you see on the outside of your home. Below are a few of the positive benefits of making sure your roof insulation provides adequate protection.

Stop the Loss of Heat and Air Conditioning

A roof with inadequate amounts of insulation can end up a big source of loss with all of your cooling and heating of the home. You will find it harder to keep the home at a uniform temperature. It translates to added wear of your HVAC unit to keep the temperature at, or near the thermostat setting.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Reducing the loss of heat and air conditioning will directly impact the size of your energy bills. You can see an immediate improvement in the cost of keeping the temperature of your home comfortable. In turn, it helps lower your footprint on the environment.

Reduce Incidences of Ice Dams

Ice dams are primarily caused by a lack in the right amount of roof insulation. As hot air from your chosen heating source exits the roof, the snow or ice present melts. It gathers at the edge of the roof and refreezes. It causes extensive damage to the roof over time.

Reduce Chances of Attic Mold Growth

The right levels of insulation in the attic can help discourage the growth of mold in your attic. In the summer months, a lack of insulation will make the temperatures sore in this space. It can also leave the area cooler during the early fall and winter. Temperature extremes, higher humidity levels, and a lack of movement will allow mold to target the attic for growth. Proper insulation allows the space to remain a reasonable level all year long.

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Promote Better Roof Ventilation

An attic that stays too h in the summer due to not having enough insulation will limit the ability for the air to properly ventilate. It means your home will stay hotter no matter how long and often you run the air conditioner.

An expert roofing company in Jacksonville, FL can inspect the roof insulation and make any recommended changes you need. It’s a job that pays for itself in short amount of time.