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Best Ways to Treat IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is an intestinal disorder with no indication of disease but for which causes discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, gas, and mild to severe pain in the abdomen. The pain occurring in the abdomen can be of throbbing type or having very pronouncing pain. IBS victims will talk of experiencing a punch like feeling on the stomach or a large weight landing on the abdomen. IBS is not known to cause any other diseases but can be inconvenient at best.

IBS is A term that refers to the abnormal bowel function that cannot be proved by lab examination, blood tests or X-rays. Those with the medical know-how say that it happens in persons who have easily irritable digestive tracts. Their intestines react more when provoked compared to those of normal persons. Some of the things that have said to cause IBS include; fatty diets, some drugs, depression, gas, lack of proper exercise among others.

Human gastrointestinal tract has a sensing mechanism that is not related to the brain, and it can function properly without the control of brains. The intestines will sense various stimuli and produce the necessary responses.

It is hard to find the right treatment for IBS since every patient suffers differently and thus no uniform cure. Lotronex was the IBS treatment designed sometimes ago. Lotronex was banned for use due to its harmful effects to the users which to some it leads to their death. Other antispasmodic medications are being used t treat IBS especially when other treatments do not work. Those with IBS should always try to manage their disorder with a high fiber diet lots of water and regular exercise. IBS patients should be warned of foods such as dairy, cabbage, beans , sorbitol, artificial sweeteners and fructose.

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Probiotic supplements are an effective way to reduce gas and harmful bacteria. Many health professionals will only recommend probiotic supplements after one has gone through colon cleansing procedure. Colon cleansing has been praised as an all natural, safe and very effective way to deal with IBS on all ends of the spectrum from constipation to diarrhea. Using colon cleansers containing psyllium or psyllium is the best way to get your colon back to normal quickly.

Colon cleansing will relieve the bloating, water retention and cramping associated with IBS as well as other related symptoms. For this reason many doctors recommend that everyone use colon cleanser for good colon health. IBS is a tough condition to have especially because getting its cure is hard. Fortunately eating the right foods, exercising regularly, taking enough water and colon cleansing can help manage this condition.
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