The Different Styles of Oak Flooring

Oak is a tall and strong tree with the height of more than 50ft. There are numerous species in which most of the varieties belong to UK. As this oak is very strong, people in the earlier centuries used these even construct ships. So there is no wonder nowadays people prefer to have oak floors, doors and furniture.
Solid oak wood flooring is a style of flooring that has its own beauty and rich look. Solid oak offers you a wide range of style and shades which have a peculiar finish and its width can be adjusted easily for flooring. These woods are guaranteed for years but a little bit expensive and at the same time the prices will differ from country to country. The prices will also be determined in accordance to the length and width of boards.
The solid flooring is great in quality as these boards are very thick and it can be very easily removed and replaced without causing much damage and expenses. Since its surfaces are very smooth it can be very easily used again and again.
Engineered solid wood flooring is yet another type of flooring which has got special boards bonded on to a different type of timber. This type of board is very strong and stable and it will not suffer twisting. This type of flooring is suitable for rooms where the under heat problem arises.
Solid oak flooring comes in different styles to match the flooring needs of both commercial buildings and residential purposes. It can also be customized according to the demands and budget requirement of homeowners. From antique styled oak doors and floors to specialized living room designs, there are wide varieties available and it’s up to you to choose the one that matches your home’s look.
Again there are two more types of oak flooring which are red and white flooring. Because of its eye catching color and look, red oak is preferred for flooring but white oak is not used much for this purpose but mostly used for furniture.
Red oak flooring is becoming prominent among the house owners because of its durability and style which stands against dirt and other issues. Since its availability is abundant its rates are affordable in the market easily.
Oak hard wood flooring stands in the front among the other because it keeps the floor surfaces very clean and looking afresh. It always makes the room fresh and airy. It also gives you a pleasing look.

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