The Different Factors Involved in Log Home Maintenance

There are various factors involved in the proper log home maintenance. You can compare it to the maintenance of a conventional house with only some minor differences. If you have a log cabin or log house then you have to take into consideration the proper care and upkeep of the log materials. Check the walls, ceilings and the floors regularly and figure out if you need to have them refinished or repaired. There may be some minor redecoration that you need to do.
Cleaning of the Log Home
Just as in normal houses, you need to clean your log home regularly. Usually, the walls of conventional houses are flat so they don’t need much cleaning. You can just wipe them with a damp cloth. When it comes to the cleaning of the walls of log houses, you need to be very meticulous since there are crevices and nooks that need to be cleaned thoroughly. The wall panels which are made of logs have protruding structures. The nooks normally collect dusts over time that’s why they should be wiped properly.
Routine Check of the Whole House
You should check each part of the house on a regular basis. The ceilings are particularly tedious to check but you have to examine them so that you will know if there are damages or cracks on the wood material. The walls are easier to check since you can reach them easily but you also have to be keen on the wall treatment because the logs may be infested by insects. Check the sealant as well as the stain of the wood.
Repair of the Major and Minor Defects
You can have the major and minor defects in the logs repaired as soon as possible. During construction stage, you should make sure that you choose the right kind of logs. Check that they are already dried by natural or artificial methods. For the log home maintenance, you should hire someone to repair the cracks in the logs. It’s important that you have them fixed immediately so that the situation won’t get worse.
Refinishing of the Log Materials
The proper log home maintenance comprises of routine cleaning, repairs and refinishing of the log material. You need to re-stain the log material if the stain finish has already faded. It’s necessary to do so in order for the log material to appear polished. It will also look brand new with new wood stains.
Adding New Decorations
Since you are doing your routine maintenance, you might as well upgrade the design of your log home. You can add simple decoration to the walls since the log material is already very intricate. You can also add alcoves or nooks in the walls so that there will be space for shelves and display cabinets. You can redecorate your log home when the seasons change so that it’ll have a new look.
When you do the proper log home maintenance, make sure you bear in mind these essential factors so that you will have a cozy and comfortable home.

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