The Benefits of Routine Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

A septic tank is a convenient way to have sewer service in areas too far out for the city and municipal services to reach. It is necessary to get regular cleaning and pumping for the system to stay operational without major problems.

Avoid Raw Sewage On Your Property

One of the more embarrassing problems that can happen due to your septic tank getting over-full is to have raw sewage seep out onto your property. Pools of liquid waste can carry odors that will leave your neighbors shaking their head in disgust. Depending on the size of your tank and usage, it should be pumped out every two or three years.

Protect the Environment

The escape of raw sewage from your septic tank can do more harm than what is limited to your property. It can drain down into public waterways and contaminate the local environment. If it makes it into your well-water, you and your family can become extremely ill.

Make It Difficult for Sewage to Backup Into Your Home

Dealing with a raw sewage leak that comes into your home through the toilet or sink can be one of the nastiest problems to deal with imaginable. The smell alone can send you running for high ground. Allowing the septic to fill is one of the leading causes of sewage backup. Put your septic system on a routine schedule of pumping and cleaning.

Keep Your Drain Field Clear Of Solid Waste

A septic system that is kept clean and pumped will allow liquids to run into the designated drain fields without hindrance. Septic tanks that are allowed to become over-filled with waste will lead to clogs of the drain field that cause even more backup issues.

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Designate a Septic System Expert to Provide Routine Pumping Services

It is essential to locate a quality central Florida septic company like Mid Florida Septic to provide the routine cleaning and pumping your system requires. The small amount paid for maintenance and care will save you big dollars in repairs and cleanups.

Septic tanks are designed to safely store sewage waste and return liquids to the environment through a drain field that naturally filters the water. Keeping your system clean and emptied regularly will ensure your septic stays in good working order.