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Instructions on How to Whiten Your Teeth

Many folks have challenges with their teeth as they grow old. The original color is lost with time. This is due to varied reasons. Smoking is one of the primary reason for this trend. Failure to clean the teeth appropriately and many years of taking tea can lead can lead to discoloration. The above mentioned are just few of the many reasons. You can get whitened teeth again. There is a remedy to this by using Crest Whitening strip. It is thorough in it functionality. One can laugh without feeling ashamed. Get proper information on how this brightening strip is used. You shall get more insight as you read through this article.

Make sure that the teeth are cleaned thirty minutes before you start the whitening process. Anything that may have blocked the working of Crest Whitening strip is removed. It also ensures that the teeth are clear of excess saliva.

Understand the exact position you will position your strip. Make sure that you are aware of the side that should contact the teeth. The area with gel is stuck on the teeth. This side which is attached to the teeth substance is the one which causes bleaching.

Due to the sensitivity of the strip, ensure you are ready to apply it before you open. Be careful when peeling the strip from its carrier. Be careful on how you treat the whitening substance. You should use a towel to ensure that your hands are not wet.

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There should be no wetness when you are placing the strip. It is very easy for the strip to work when there is no saliva. Find something that you will place on the cheeks to enlarge them and also ensure there is less saliva in your mouth. Ensure that the strip is firmly held in the teeth. Ensure that the strip does not leave any space that has not been covered. Take caution on how you handle the gel as it has the potential to react adversely with the gum.

Be patient as you wait for the strip to do its work. Every kind of strip is meant to work for specific days. The strip works well when you use the strip while lying with your mouth is up and open to take air in and out, which helps to dry the mouth.

Remove the Crest Whitening strip after the recommended time. Dispose the strip in a dustbin. Never extend the time meant for the strip to be in your teeth. Leaving the strip on teeth for a long time causes other complications and does not whiten the teeth further.

Remove any traces of the whitening substance by gentle brushing. Swallowing The chemical meant for whitening can be very detrimental to your health. Each strip has some days it is supposed to be used.

Be safe by washing hands that may have touched the gel.

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