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Braided Rugs and Hardwood Flooring

By the time you have passed through the post wood flooring installation phase, where all you want to do is just stare at it and admire the effect it has had on the look and feel of your home, it will be time to start thinking about some area rugs. Yes, they will hide portions of your new oak or walnut hardwood flooring, but they will also protect it and tie in other elements of your d?�cor.
One of the most popular types of rug for wood flooring is the one that our early ancestors used back in colonial times, the braided rug. You may even be lucky enough to have one of these treasures that was hand-made by your grandmother or by those even longer ago. Many of these family heirlooms have been passed down for years.
Much like they did with quilts, past generations didn’t believe they had the luxury of throwing things away like we seem to think we can today, and so they used worn out clothing and bedding to make braided rugs to cover the cold wood floors of the family cabin. Women worked together, mothers, daughters and grandmothers creating the same rug.
Once mass manufacturing came along, machines took over doing most of the projects that had once been done by hand. The art of rug braiding did experience somewhat of a revival late in the twentieth century. By then the nostalgia for simpler times when quality mattered more than quantity led to many of the older crafts making a comeback. Today, while most braided rugs are manufactured using machines, there are those who braid by hand. Those looking for that perfect rug can have one commissioned in the shape, color and style that will uniquely fit their home.
If hand-made is not a priority for you, it is still possible to get find beautiful, quality-constructed braided rugs in just about any price range. There are two basic types; cloth braided and yarn braided rugs. Those made from yarn are far more common and few manufacturers deal with cloth anymore. Both types, unlike the ones made in earlier times, consist of an inner core composed of filler material around which is wrapped yarn or cloth. This filler core reduces the amount of cloth or yarn needed which brings down the cost of production. Higher-end rugs will have filler of cotton, preferably natural and pre-shrunk or a synthetic fiber. Paper or some sort of reprocessed material will be found in cheaper brands.
Something you might want to consider before heading to your local rug outlet or buying online. You may not be one of the more fortunate ones whose family passed one of these treasures along, but lots of families had them. Many have ended up in flea markets and second hand stores. In the end, we all share a common history. Who’s to say that a hand-made, braided rug found in one of these places doesn’t have a story to tell that you might be interested in?…

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Reasons to Purchase Hardwood Flooring

1. When buyers go out to shop for houses, they always put a lot of interest in the durability of the floors in the house. Most often than not, hardwood floors make a positive impact on the buyers. This is mostly due to its durability. It will be but normal to find a floor that has lasted well over a hundred years. This is one important characteristic of hardwood floors. They do not need constant replacement, and maintenance is not difficult in the least.
2. There are several wood types you can choose from when it comes to picking out the type of wood to be used for your flooring. Some examples are: Brazilian cherry, American cherry, maple, white oak, walnut, birch, bamboo, red oak and ash. Indeed, there are also some well known manufacturers of hardwood floors, some of which are: Kahrs, Mannington, Shaw, Bruce, Mohawk, Columbia, etc. Furthermore, there are three types of hardwood which are unfinished, prefinished and finished hardwood.
3. The most durable of all flooring would be the exotic hardwood. Check out the durability of bridges that were constructed with wood and are still strong till date.
4. You flooring will be unique considering that each and every tree has its very own unique pattern. What’s better than obtaining something you alone will own.
5. Hardwood floors are warmer than any other type of floor. This affords you the chance to freely walk barefooted in your house.
6. There is a huge variety of colors ranging from pale to darker shades. You can choose freely.
7. Any person that has trouble with dander, dust or dust mite allergies will enjoy hardwood flooring more than any other floor covering. This is because there will be no such thing as accumulated dust that needs vacuuming like is the case with carpeting.
8. The use of a contractor during installation of your floor is a good idea. However, it is quite easy to install hardwood floors by yourself.
9. Furthermore, hardwood floors are one of the easiest floor coverings to clean. Damage is very much repairable.
10. These floors don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, with a little research and some asking around, you could get to some discounts that will help keep your budget on the lower side. Although synthetic wood costs less, it does not quite give you everything that the real wood does. Don’t stop at the first hardwood you see, do online and on-the-field research to get the best deal you can get.…

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Removing Stains From Hardwood Is Simple!

Hardwood floors are gorgeous and add real value to your home. But woods are filled with millions of microscopic pores just like your skin. This unfortunately means that it is susceptible to staining, and not by a chemical you chose at the store. One of the most common ways hardwood floors are stained is by pet urine. Other common ways include the spilling of wine at potential dinner parties, or even just some water spilling over from a cup. It’s always best to try to wipe up any spills, even if it is just plain water, as quickly as possible before the stain has a chance to set into the finish or down into the wood.
Hardwood floor stains fall into one of two categories: black rings and white rings. White rings are caused when the liquid spilled sinks only into the finish. Black rings have sunk into the wood causing it to darken.
White rings are very easy to get out. Saturate a pad of fine steel wool with a natural oil like citrus or olive to act as a lubricant against scratching the wood underneath. All you have to do is very gently rub out the stains and voila!
Black rings are trickier because they’re already set into the wood, so no amount of gentle rubbing will actually get it out. First, gently sand the finish off the wood with sandpaper. Use an old brush to paint bleach onto the stain. After allowing the bleach to evaporate over a few hours, repeat the brushing of bleach onto the stain. Let it sit overnight and this should remove the stain from your floors.
Your stain might be particularly stubborn, in which case you are going to need bigger guns. Purchase a commercial wood bleach. Moisten the wood with a damp sponge first, to allow the bleach to penetrate into the wood more easily. Then mix equal amounts of the two liquids you will find in your commercial wood bleach kit. Use that aforementioned brush to apply a generous coat of this mixture onto the damp wood. Let it soak in. The bubbling you will soon see is completely normal, don’t worry! After about four hours you will start to see real results, after which you are going to need to deactivate the bleach to prevent it from continuing to react chemically with the wood. You can do this by mixing two parts water to one part white vinegar and simply rub the mixture onto the bleached areas using a sponge or a rag.
Then you just carefully reapply a finish to your wood after everything is dry. This actually increases the value of your home!…

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Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips

The biggest challenge in having hardwood floors is not the installation process but the maintenance. The responsibility of the owner does not end after finishing the installation process. If you have decided to install wood floors, then you must also be ready with floor repair as well as various cleaning processes that it entails.
The first thing you need to know is that, water is the biggest enemy of wood floors. From hardwood floors such as Brazilian Cherry and oak, to softwood types such as pine flooring and bamboo; wood species swell when exposed to water. We learned from our science classes in grade school that water exists in three phases: solid, liquid, and vapor. Of these three, liquid and vapor phases are the ones that cause problems to this type of material. Between the two, the liquid phase is easier to control because we see it, therefore, attend to it immediately. However, in the case of water vapor, the damage can be widespread because it’s unnoticeable.
This knowledge has impact on the way we clean our hardwood floors. We should never use water when cleaning them because sooner or later, we might be faced with costly refinishing jobs or overhaul repairs. In addition using mops immersed in soap and wax removers easily harm this type of floor material. Even self-polishing waxes sometimes contain water. So if you really want to wax your floor badly, consider waxing the traffic areas only. If your kitchen has wood floors, it is best that you place area rags near sinks and dishwashers. This is a cheap and simple system we can employ to pick up leaks and drips. Also, remember that you should not wax floors with varnish. Vacuuming frequently keeps dust and grit off of them so do this at least once a week. These are simple and cheap preventive measures to maintain them and avoid unexpected repair costs.
As part of maintenance and repair, consider doing a comprehensive check up of the state of the flooring. This should be done every year so that you know whether it is already time recoat or refinish your hardwood floors. To determine if you need to refinish, pour one to two tablespoons of water onto the household’s high traffic areas. If the water soaks in immediately and leaves a darkened spot, the finish is worn and water can damage the wood. If the water soaks in after a few minutes and darkens the wood only slightly, the finish is partially worn. If the water beads on top, the surface is properly sealed.
If the floor finish happens to be damaged, other troubles such as stains, burns, cuts, gouges, holes, cracks, and warped boards may arrive in the future. If you sense that the wood has been totally wrecked, repair or replacement might be necessary.
Hardwood prices are relatively high compared with other home projects. It is an investment we need to protect. Proper maintenance, knowledge, and attitude are important in the lifespan of our precious hardwood floors.…

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Homeowners Love Hardwood Flooring

Modern homes all boast different types of flooring. Some of these homes have carpet in certain areas of the home while others are linoleum or even hardwood. The flooring a homeowner chooses is usually determined by several key things. These factors include things such as foot traffic, children, expense, and personal decor choices as well as personal comfort. While carpet and linoleum and even standard tile provide owners with different levels of comfort and ease of care, hardwood flooring Orange County provides owners with high style, a modern look, and requires far less care than do other types of flooring.
In fact so popular has hardwood flooring Orange County become that many of the new homes being built around the country are designed and built with this type of flooring at least in some capacity. Most frequently hardwoods are found in living rooms, kitchens, and even den’s though as it’s popularity continues to grow designers have incorporated this type of flooring into all rooms within the home. Such designs are popular because hardwood flooring Orange County can give a home a very specific type of atmosphere.
Most homeowners with hardwood floors in their homes will tell you that their homes have a cabin-esque feel to them. Others will tell you that the flooring makes the home feel rustic, warm, and welcoming. There is then the crowd that feels as though hardwood flooring gives their home an ultramodern look and feel. All groups however will tell you that there’s something special about having hardwood in their homes. Additionally they’ll tell you that this type of flooring adds a bit of class to any room it’s installed in.
Though hardwood floors have grown tremendously in popularity, there are still those individuals who believe that the care required to keep a wood floor up is far to taxing. Modern hardwood however has come a long way from the type of flooring seen in homes just 20 or 30 years old. Not only is the wood pretreated much differently these days but the finishes put on modern hardwood flooring are much more durable than their predecessors and are able to withstand, scuffs, scratches, dirt, and even heavy foot traffic. This means that it’s no longer difficult to care for hardwood flooring. Of course sweeping, and occasional mopping are required as it would be with any hard flooring surface though buffing and shinning are very rarely required to restore luster to a hardwood floor.
If the upkeep and expense has kept you from having hardwood flooring installed in your home you now know that upkeep is no longer difficult. Prices vary greatly these days and are surprisingly affordable to even those homeowners on small budgets. If your floor is need of repair, expensive care, or you simply would like a change of pace, and atmosphere in your home consider having hardwood flooring installed. Not only will your home look and feel better but doing so raises the homes value and will fetch a higher price should you ever decide to sell.…

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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors – Why Are They So Great?

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are one of the most sought after types of flooring in the United States. One reason it is so popular is because of how hard the wood is. This means that it is very durable and will hold up extremely well over a long period of time. We all know that hardwood floors are very popular among many people all over the world. Their beautify, durability and ease of cleaning make them a great choice for most people.
This particular wood is taken from a Brazilian Cherry tree which is also called the “Jatoba” tree. The durability of this wood is really showcased when you consider that it comes from Brazil where it is accustomed to very hot temperatures. Because of this you do not have to be concerned about the wooden planks heating and warping which would damage your floor. Today Brazilian Cherry hardwood is the #1 import from Brazil to the United States which just proves that people are excited and pleased with the quality of wood they are getting.
Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring features a deep brownish red color. The color works well for a home environment or a professional office. It is a soothing, rich color that will make everyone feel at home and comfortable. Many people are choosing this wood specifically for its unique color. It will match any neutral colored wall paint that you can find. It will also help to bring out other colors in your decorating patterns. There is no doubt that you will receive many compliments on the beautiful color of your new floors. Plus, if you have children or pets, this floor will hold up very well. We all know how kids and animals can really scratch up hardwood floors, however you will likely not have these problems when you are talking about Brazilian Cherry wood.
This wood is so durable that it really does not need to be retouched or repaired as many other woods do. It does not fade easily because it is so dark in color. The planks are cut from various parts of the trees so the color can actually become a little more intense after it settles for awhile. The wood is very dense, which is one of the reasons why it is so durable. The thickness of the wood also prevents the warping issues that you can have with many other types of hardwood flooring.
If you are looking for hardwood floors that will truly last a lifetime, Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors may well be your answer. Plus, you will have floors that have one of the most beautiful color combinations available. The colors you will see in these floors are not something that can be manufactured by man because they are made by Mother Nature. The different tones and hues you will get in each plank is a magnificent example of the amazing features you can expect. This is why this hardwood flooring is the #1 export between Brazil and the U.S.…