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Braided Rugs and Hardwood Flooring

By the time you have passed through the post wood flooring installation phase, where all you want to do is just stare at it and admire the effect it has had on the look and feel of your home, it will be time to start thinking about some area rugs. Yes, they will hide portions of your new oak or walnut hardwood flooring, but they will also protect it and tie in other elements of your d?�cor.
One of the most popular types of rug for wood flooring is the one that our early ancestors used back in colonial times, the braided rug. You may even be lucky enough to have one of these treasures that was hand-made by your grandmother or by those even longer ago. Many of these family heirlooms have been passed down for years.
Much like they did with quilts, past generations didn’t believe they had the luxury of throwing things away like we seem to think we can today, and so they used worn out clothing and bedding to make braided rugs to cover the cold wood floors of the family cabin. Women worked together, mothers, daughters and grandmothers creating the same rug.
Once mass manufacturing came along, machines took over doing most of the projects that had once been done by hand. The art of rug braiding did experience somewhat of a revival late in the twentieth century. By then the nostalgia for simpler times when quality mattered more than quantity led to many of the older crafts making a comeback. Today, while most braided rugs are manufactured using machines, there are those who braid by hand. Those looking for that perfect rug can have one commissioned in the shape, color and style that will uniquely fit their home.
If hand-made is not a priority for you, it is still possible to get find beautiful, quality-constructed braided rugs in just about any price range. There are two basic types; cloth braided and yarn braided rugs. Those made from yarn are far more common and few manufacturers deal with cloth anymore. Both types, unlike the ones made in earlier times, consist of an inner core composed of filler material around which is wrapped yarn or cloth. This filler core reduces the amount of cloth or yarn needed which brings down the cost of production. Higher-end rugs will have filler of cotton, preferably natural and pre-shrunk or a synthetic fiber. Paper or some sort of reprocessed material will be found in cheaper brands.
Something you might want to consider before heading to your local rug outlet or buying online. You may not be one of the more fortunate ones whose family passed one of these treasures along, but lots of families had them. Many have ended up in flea markets and second hand stores. In the end, we all share a common history. Who’s to say that a hand-made, braided rug found in one of these places doesn’t have a story to tell that you might be interested in?…

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Basement Remodeling

Reasons to Purchase Hardwood Flooring

1. When buyers go out to shop for houses, they always put a lot of interest in the durability of the floors in the house. Most often than not, hardwood floors make a positive impact on the buyers. This is mostly due to its durability. It will be but normal to find a floor that has lasted well over a hundred years. This is one important characteristic of hardwood floors. They do not need constant replacement, and maintenance is not difficult in the least.
2. There are several wood types you can choose from when it comes to picking out the type of wood to be used for your flooring. Some examples are: Brazilian cherry, American cherry, maple, white oak, walnut, birch, bamboo, red oak and ash. Indeed, there are also some well known manufacturers of hardwood floors, some of which are: Kahrs, Mannington, Shaw, Bruce, Mohawk, Columbia, etc. Furthermore, there are three types of hardwood which are unfinished, prefinished and finished hardwood.
3. The most durable of all flooring would be the exotic hardwood. Check out the durability of bridges that were constructed with wood and are still strong till date.
4. You flooring will be unique considering that each and every tree has its very own unique pattern. What’s better than obtaining something you alone will own.
5. Hardwood floors are warmer than any other type of floor. This affords you the chance to freely walk barefooted in your house.
6. There is a huge variety of colors ranging from pale to darker shades. You can choose freely.
7. Any person that has trouble with dander, dust or dust mite allergies will enjoy hardwood flooring more than any other floor covering. This is because there will be no such thing as accumulated dust that needs vacuuming like is the case with carpeting.
8. The use of a contractor during installation of your floor is a good idea. However, it is quite easy to install hardwood floors by yourself.
9. Furthermore, hardwood floors are one of the easiest floor coverings to clean. Damage is very much repairable.
10. These floors don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, with a little research and some asking around, you could get to some discounts that will help keep your budget on the lower side. Although synthetic wood costs less, it does not quite give you everything that the real wood does. Don’t stop at the first hardwood you see, do online and on-the-field research to get the best deal you can get.…

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Home Repair

Advantages of Solid Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring offers real advantages when you come to renew the floors in your home. There is no doubt that replacing your old floor is a big decision and that it is one that is important to get right. A mistake that many people make when it comes to renewing their floors is that they assume because real oak floorboards are expensive that other options are a better choice. In this article I hope to show you the real long term benefits of choosing solid hardwood flooring and the advantages of oak in particular.
As already noted solid oak flooring is expensive. The main reason for this is that hardwoods grow slowly and take a long time to replace. Some people believe that softwood flooring is just as useful and is obviously much cheaper. The problem with softwood is that as the fibers are less dense the surface of the boards mark easily and in time can look scruffy. Hardwoods on the other hand due to their superior density mark far less and will wear well over time.
Another option that looks cheap on the face of it is installing laminate flooring. The problem here is that there is not any solid wood in laminate at all. It is merely recycled wood chips bound together by glue. If laminate becomes damp it will separate and warp. Solid oak flooring on the other hand is resistant to damp as it is a dense wood, but also due to it being a solid material it will not tend to split unless it is seriously abused. Aside from laminates propensity to split and warp there is another issue to contend with and that is surface marking. If a laminate board is deeply scored then there is little that can be done to restore it. A solid floorboard on the other hand can be re-sanded and a new finish applied.
Refinishing your floor brings me to my final point and it is this – real wood flooring can be sanded and refinished to suit taste and fashion several times without any adverse effects. This means that if this year you want a dark finish and next year you want a light one this can be achieved without the expense of purchasing a new floor and having to install it. Is solid oak flooring still expensive when you compare it with installing a laminate floor several times over the same period?…

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Home Improvement Contractors

Your Gym Flooring is a Great Pull Factor For the Users

In general, in most of the gymnasiums, gym flooring consists of special tiles that are made of rubber because you need to have a specific grip on the floor of the gymnasium. You must remember that there are many types and grades in rubber and the quality of the flooring largely depends upon the type or grade of the rubber used.
You get cheap gym mats also that are made with cheap, low-grade rubber or recycled rubber. It is not that gym mats made of recycled rubber will not be good. If other materials used along with this recycled rubber are good and a good vulcanization process is carried out, you will be able to convert these mats made with recycled rubber also into high quality mats. But, since urethane glues are used for gluing cheap mats, these glues emit a hazardous gas in the form of fumes. Even long after the installation of these mats, you will be forced to inhale this hazardous gas. Gymnasium is a place that is meant to provide good health to those who use it. If these users are subjected to the ordeal of breathing such dangerous gases, the very purpose of their using the gymnasium gets defeated.
An ideal option for a good gym flooring is using mats that are made from virgin rubber. Virgin rubber may have less of the usual unpleasant rubber smell. Rubber mats made with virgin rubber are more durable and are easy to clean. They have a good rebounding capacity. Even in most popular sports events like Olympics, mats made of virgin rubber are only used. The surface will not be slippery even in wet conditions. Such a surface is highly suitable even for highly agile activities like aerobics and floor exercises.
A gymnasium is considered ideal only if the gym flooring is good. While you choose flooring for your gymnasium, you should consider aspects like durability, maintenance and cost.
In some of the gymnasiums, vinyl and laminated floors are also laid. It is easy to clean vinyl flooring. Some experts opine that vinyl flooring is more durable than rubber gym flooring. The only disadvantage is that this flooring may peel. You can get gym flooring done using wood, bamboo, laminate wood and hardwood. But you should ensure that the specific grip required for gym activities is provided by the flooring.
Tile gym floors are also laid in some of the gymnasiums. These tiles are installed above a rubber surface so that noise is greatly reduced. If you use floor covers to protect your gym flooring, the floor will have a longer life. Your maintenance costs will also come down drastically.…

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Room Additions

Keep Your Wooden Flooring Fresh By Giving It a Proper Clean

If you have spent both the time and the money searching for the perfect new wooden floor in your home then you should make sure that you look after it properly. With the proper care and attention your flooring will end up lasting much longer and will retain its original quality over a greater period of time. If you give your surfaces a proper clean on a regular basis then you can ensure that they look as fresh as possible.
You should carry out a variety of cleaning tasks at regular intervals if you truly want your wooden surfaces to stay in top condition. The first thing that you should make sure that you do is to use a dust mop on the floor at least every two weeks but preferably every week. Doing this will make sure that the floor is kept clear of the majority of dust and grit that can end up damaging the quality and colour. As well as this you should also go over the floor with a damp mop a couple of times per month. This will help to clear up any minor stains or stickiness that has cropped up and will also help to keep the wood looking fresh.
Doing the above basic tasks will keep the surface clear of any dirt, dust or any other residue but to help keep the wood at its optimal condition for as long as possible you should also use a wood cleaner on it once a month. When you do this you need to make sure that you follow the instructions clearly and dilute the solution as indicated. Failing to do this may end up with you damaging your surfaces due to the solution being to strong.
As well as following the cleaning tips mentioned, you should also use some basic common sense. If any spillages occur then you should get them cleared up instantly so they don’t have time to settle or sink into the wood. You also need to make sure that the wood is not scratched by high heels or by people with stones stuck to their shoes. All you have to do to prevent this is ask people to take off their shoes or make sure that they have been wiped properly on a doormat before they walk on your floor. Stick to all of the above advice and your wooden flooring will last much longer.…

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Kitchen Renovation

Use Non Slip Flooring to Avoid Falls at Home

When you put your new flooring at home, you have so many options, sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose. There are some flooring types that are more slippery than others given the various conditions, such as water or wax. If you have an elderly living with you, using non slip flooring is something to really think about for the long term. The older a person gets, the easier it is for them to slip and fall. And elderly will have a more difficult time recovering than younger people.
You can put non skid flooring in rooms that tend to have spills or moisture, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, on your patios, around swimming pools and your veranda. These are the places that are easiest to cause accidents and need more care than others.
When you’ve decided to install non slip floors in your home, you can find them in 3 different materials: linoleum, vinyl and cork. While cork might seem a bit weird for the purpose, it is a very modern and good material to use for flooring, and it is also very easy to clean and maintain. If you are an environmentally conscious person, putting cork floors will make you sleep easier at night as this is a very ecofriendly material to have around. Vinyl and linoleum are the other two materials that are easy to maintain and clean and suitable for the purpose.
Where you can’t put this type of floor, or you already have some other type, to prevent accidental falls you can also add on your existing surface some non slip rubber flooring. Garage and basement comes to mind here. This rubber is available in big rolls and you can simply put it on top of any surface, as it’s very easy to install. Nowadays there are rubber floors that are really modern looking, so you don’t have to worry about having an ugly place when you lay it on your floor.
Non slip mats and rugs are another option for already existing hardwood floors, for example. It is a know fact that waxing your wood can get very slippery, so adding non skid mats in strategically, well chosen places might mean the difference between an accident or not.…

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Renovation Costs

Flooring Is an Equally Important Aspect of Home Decor

The one aspect that most people tend to overlook while giving a makeover to their homes is flooring. Somehow, we have an assumption that it is not a very crucial part of home renovation and there is no need to waste time and thought over it. However, that is a completely wrong notion. When you think of your home, you have to consider it in totality. Each and every aspect of it is vital and you cannot afford to ignore any part. Why do most people spend so much money and energy in decorating their bathrooms then? When a guest comes in, he would not straightaway walk into your bathroom. But, in case he does, he will definitely deduce conclusions about your taste based on it. Therefore, you can understand you have to give equal importance to every nook and corner of your house.
People have really begun to concentrate on flooring and are looking for bankable options like hardwood flooring. This particular type of flooring comes in both unfinished and prefinished has its own features and advantages. For instance,one of the most prominent qualities that differentiate pre-finished flooring from the rest is this type of flooring, you do not require for unfinished flooring, the most advantageous aspect is that the seal is much more is because the finish is not applied board-by-board but on the whole flooring surface at a time. This easily seals the minute gaps existing between the flooring boards thereby protecting the floor against moisture.
Another reason why hardwood flooring enjoys considerable popularity among consumers is that it offers so much variety in terms of stain and surfaces. It does get exciting when you have a lot to choose from so that you can settle for nothing but the best. For instance, some flooring is evenly planned at the mill so that you get a refined and smooth surface. Again, there are hand scraped ones where the plank is hand worked in order to create a seasoned, contoured is mainly done for the purpose of giving a lived-in impression. The same variety can be found in the sphere of stains as well. This flexibility works strongly in favor of this particular form of flooring.
However,if you want to be a bit different, you can go for other options as well. For starters, there is timber flooring type appears homely and that is one strong reason why it appeals to a wide range of consumers. Add to it the rich colors they promise to offer. On one hand, you have species like Karri and Jarrah which are dark-colored while on the other there is Tasmanian and Blackbutt of the light-colored ,again,the Wandoo species boasts of honey present, recycled timber are also being used for flooring purposes thereby making a positive difference to the you want to do your bit for the environment, you can go for them and install them in your house.…