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You can easily tell if your hair is falling off by the amount of hair on your pillow, your hair comb or the shower. If your pony tail is getting smaller and the head of a man has a wider part that is noticeable can be proof enough that hair is shedding off. This can be guessed by the number of times you wrap your hair band round your hair and compare with previous times. Men are not fast in realizing this for the reason that there are no bald spots when looking at the mirror and family or friends are not pointing it out for fear of being the first ones to break the news that your are balding. Before a patient of hair loss can accept that their hair is shedding there are attempts to disguise using different hairstyles.

Upon detection of hair loss the best part is there are treatment solutions. Loosing hair sometimes can have other reasons apart from the common old age and sickness and these need to be verified before the non-surgical and non-invasive treatment solutions are given. Treatments include laser therapy, prescription medicines and other topical solutions. The reasons behind shedding of hair are diverse therefore one has to seek to know the medication that is right for them.
The treatment of low level laser treatment is one light treatment that can be used. It is used by people suffering from patterns of hair loss both female and male. The results obtained after using the low level light treatment are positive because cells are stimulated and patients feel energized.

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Rats were used as specimen for laser therapy and the results showed that there is an accelerated hair growth. Alopecia or pattern balding is a sign that treatment using laser is curative. Lately, low level laser treatment has gained popularity following proof given by successful individual and trials done in clinics all of which have given the therapy validation.

Bodies like the International Society of Hair Restoration and the American Board of Hair Restoration surgery have greatly contributed to the pioneering of acceptance of low level laser treatment.

LLLT, Low level light therapy has the capacity of treating musculoskeletal, alopecia, chronic pain, neuropathic pain and headaches with very little side effects. This is because the applications are based on the biological results of an element known as photobiomodulation that is found in living things.

In 2007, the Food and Drugs administration association was the first to approve the low level light therapy. It started from mild to moderate treatment of the hair loss with the laser comb that has been designed to re-grow hair. The only hindrance is that this laser comb is not a practical application and this leads to poor adherence of how to use it. Growing hair back can only be achieved if patients comply to how they are supposed to use the laser therapy cap.

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