Short Course on Videos – Covering The Basics


Recurrent gaming has been guarded against deception by many people with the view that it is a bad habit. With the long periods of video interaction, this concept can be proven to be true. The resent study have it that kids who love gaming prefer confining themselves to their rooms which can affect their health negatively to the extent of causing obesity.

The saying ‘too much of something is poisonous’ is however confirmed here, if gaming is done with control, the gamer still remains to be lively, strong and healthy among the following benefits he/she acquires from gaming:

Long distance walking.
With the common Pokemon Go phenomenon, many kids came out of their bedrooms and homes and walked long distances in search for the uncommon cell phones or hard to find Pokemon.

The long traveling was so accommodating since by doing so they burned the calories within their bodies and stretched their muscles and also shy kids were encouraged in the process of keeping outdoors in search of the cell phones.

Impressive Reflexes and Reactions.
The gamers’ way of handling the area surrounding them is quite advanced for their mind is used to offering swift responses hence is sharp.

This makes one observe keenly his/her surroundings, be cautious and quick to react as soon as it is necessary hence one can use the same skills in daily life. Such swift responses applied in real life enhances one’s safety hence minimizing the chances that he/she is found in accidents. The coordination of hand and eye is also improved making one proficient including one’s safety. From this discovery, the kid’s reactions is incomparable to those of the non-gamer kids!

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The gaming advent has led to more interaction hence people are more sociable with others. One has to communicate to others through verbal communication by means of headset hence building an excellent life skill. The socialization ability can hence land you to making new friends and get job connections among other things from people who are around you without forgetting the individual’s mental health. Through socialization, nervous people gain confidence with ease in a non-intimidating environment where they can wriggle out freely at any time.

Improved vision.
Over a long time in the past, people have always talked negatively about the idea concerning watching video for long periods. With close studies and evaluations, the facts have outweighed the old version without studies over it! People who watch and play action games have been proved to having a great ability of catching up with numerous activities at the same time and very fast objects. This is far beyond the layman’s thinking.

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