Selecting Wood Flooring For Your Bathroom

Do you love the look of hardwood floors? If you do and you have considered installing wood flooring in your bathroom, then you might have some concerns. The major concern is of course moisture generated from all the water and vapor that is typically generated in a bathroom. However, with proper selection, you can work around this.
If you were to have to choose between carpet or hardwoods for your bathroom floor, then by all means hardwood is the best choice. The moisture typically found in a bathroom can absolutely cause a myriad of problems when combined with carpet. If you were to select to install hardwoods, then it should be done by a professional. Moisture can wreak havoc on wood and ultimately destroy your flooring. A professional will install it the right way and make sure it is treated and sealed correctly.
The best solution I can offer to you is to select laminated flooring. Laminate floors will give you the look of the wood or other flooring material you desire, but will have a much tougher wear layer. Since its seams are glued together you won’t have the problems of moisture getting into the flooring or through cracks. You will also find the best deals on a wood floor available through laminate.
Some people would rather not go the laminate route and instead choose engineered wood. Engineered wood is much more water resistant than hardwoods, but has the same great look. If budget affords it, then engineered wood is recommended over laminate flooring. The primary reason I recommend laminate is that it is budget friendly to most homeowners.
Is your heart absolutely set on wood flooring in your bathroom? If there is any wiggle room then another highly recommended solution is to go the stone route. A bathroom floor made from marble, granite, or limestone provides a very class touch. The most common complaint is that the floor is often cold to bare feet and that slippage can occur. Also, these flooring options tend to be more expensive that wood floors.
Finally, if you are a very budget conscious consumer, then you can choose vinyl. Vinyl flooring is easy to install, cost effective, and waterproof. Of course you won’t have the same final touch and look to your bathroom. But if you need to replace the flooring immediately and don’t have a large budget, this is the way to go.

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