Reasons for Using Antibacterial Flooring

One of the last things that most people think about when it comes to their flooring is that it be antibacterial. In an institutional setting such as a hospital, kitchen or even a grooming place like a hair salon or veterinarian clinic, antibacterial flooring can be the difference in getting a high rating from the health inspector or being shut down until improvements can be made. Here are some of the reasons that this type of flooring can benefit your business.
Non Porous Flooring Means No Cracks-
The antibacterial flooring should be non-porous. This means that there are no cracks for anything to fall into, no tiles that can come up and be filled with dirty things, and it is non-breathing so that nothing can seep into the floor creating smells and absorbing moisture or other unhealthy things like food particles, bodily fluids or stains. Because the flooring is one piece, it is also easily cleanable.
Best for Food Workers-
We all know that food borne illnesses are easily caught. In some cases, these illnesses can stem from the food not being properly cleaned, but in other cases, it can come from the floor not being taken care of properly. With this institutional flooring, you can easily scrub it down and let all the water wash right into a drain installed in the floor so that you never have to worry about cleaning chemicals or food particles getting onto your counter tops. Having a drain installed makes clean up even more simple, something that everyone enjoys at the end of the day when it is time to go home.
Antibacterial for Hospital Use-
Cleanliness is most crucial in a hospital setting. Antibacterial flooring in a hospital is important so that you do not have to ever worry about infections being spread or spilled blood staining the floor and scaring patients. When things like mold and moisture in the area can cause a problem, antibacterial flooring is an important investment because it does not allow the concrete to absorb these potentially hazardous items. You can avoid creating further sickness because the floors do not hold moisture and can be wiped down easily when need be.
Veterinary Clinics Benefit Too-
Animals can scare easily. Any veterinary clinic should strongly consider Institutional Flooring with a sanitary drain, especially in rooms that animals are seen in. This has a lot to do with the fact that most animals do not have the same control as humans do. When they get scared, it is possible that they will urinate on the floor or eat something that makes them throw up. If this were to happen, the institutional flooring can simply be washed away down the sanitary drain right into the sewer. Carpet can be eliminated. By using institutional flooring, you can save, long term, on cleaning products. There is no use for vacuums, pet stain removers or other carpet related products.

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