Make Your Space Stand Out With Custom Tiles

Whether you want your home to really shine or are in charge of the design for a restaurant, office, or other type of business, putting in custom tiles could be what helps your place pop. With a custom job, you can have more control over what types of tiles are installed and how exactly they’re laid out. Everything can be made to fit just right in terms of layout and aesthetics.

Why Choose Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are very durable. Many of the commercial tiles have been glazed with a material that blocks out any water, making them ideal for humid and moist conditions both on the interior and exterior of a structure. This also makes them stain resistant and fairly easy to clean with basic techniques.

Types of Tile

The standard tiles are square and rectangular in shape and can come in various sizes. They can be aligned horizontally or vertically, or they can be laid out at an angle to create something more eye-catching. Each tile can be glazed with a different color, and many tile companies give their customers hundreds of colors to choose from.

Tiles can also be cut into different shapes; this usually has to happen on a custom job since the designs may be more intricate. Speciality tiles may have patterns and textures that can come together to create a finished product that looks like artwork on your walls or floors.

Working with an established company that specializes in custom ceramic tiles, like Limelight Tile & Ceramics in Pittsburgh, PA, means that you have access to knowledgeable professionals. You can learn more about options in terms of budget and installation, and a designer can share his or her ideas with you about custom designs.

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