Key Points When Considering a Small Kitchen Remodel

When planning a renovation, room size plays an important role in options to choose. For instance, a small kitchen remodel will ultimately need more careful planning than a wide spacious kitchen. The main reason is: the limited space to fit in appliances and cabinets, while ensuring a fair amount of counter space to make it a workable room.
Personal style plays a big role as well, though a common goal to achieve is to create the appearance of a larger room and to incorporate function. There are a few key points to consider while creating a plan that can help achieve greater results.
Cabinets – Choosing a lighter tone wood finish or paint will help to create the illusion of a larger space. Since there will inevitably be a lesser amount of room for cabinetry, adding Lazy Susan style, along with space saving slider shelving allows for maximizing storage space.
Appliances – Appliances come in many various sizes and colors. Lighter colors, again will add to creating a more open room. Keeping the size of the area in mind is very important in choosing refrigerators and stoves. The amount of people in the residence should be considered as well. Though, ultimately the more conservative one can be in selecting size, helps to ensure space to move around and keep the kitchen functional.
Walls and Floors – Deciding on color variations, it is often appealing to have a variation of tones present in a room for contrast. Staying with neutral tones will not only create great accent for the lighter appliances, it adds to a brighter room, with an appearance of being larger. When choosing tiles, larger sized tiles are best to open up a room, versus small blocks and clusters.
Even though there may be limiting options for a small kitchen remodel, there are also advantages too. They are much more reasonable to complete, many projects can be DIY, for even greater savings. Also, the options for accent pieces are enormous to ensure a personal touch, while having created a reasonable, functional, design.

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