Keeping Interior Decorating Simple Using Your Favorite Color Palette

When you’re considering redecorating your home it’s really about the personal feeling you’d like when you are in the home. From the moment you enter, you will get a vibe from the home that will give feelings of relaxation or excitement. You want to complete decorations that you’ll be proud of and that will leave a lasting impression on any guests. The main thing is that when you come home daily you are turning your key and walking into a world that gives you serenity like no other place you’ve gone.

Pick A Color Palette for The House

Once you’ve narrowed down the color palette that you like best. There are several shades of each color you’ll be able to use. Going room to room decorating based on your palette will be less overwhelming. There are creative ways to make any or all of the colors pop in each room you have. Creating dark and light accents are a nice trick if you want to create dividing strips or even to separate an open space. In order to get up to three separate shades you will mix one color 50% lighter than the base color and the other you will mix at about 150% darker than the base.

Highlight Your Precious Pieces

If you have antiques or special items that you would like to bring focus to in your rooms, a good thing to do is stage the room so that object stands out. You can set the stage by using the background items such as wall paint, floor rugs or even curtains to help accent the focal point. If your object sits on the wall, then positioning is what will give it the attention it needs. If they are photos you can arrange your picture frames in a really nice pattern that will bring attention to the group.

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Less Is More

You don’t have to have wall to wall items in order to feel like your home is occupied. A nice plant in the corner and a rug in the center will do wonders. If you hand pictures, you don’t have to fill the entire wall, creating a simple pattern with a few frames is ok, or even a large picture or painting doesn’t have to look lonely if it’s in the right spot. Remember the less things that can move around the less cleanup you’ll have to do because there’s an even smaller chance of your place getting messy.

Interior decorating can be overwhelming at first. It’s important to imagine the look you want to have before you go shopping and overspend on random items that may not all come together in the end. A tip to keep things simple when you’re redecorating is to pick a color palette and stick to it, highlight your accent pieces in the rooms, and keep each room light and airy with your designs. In the end you will find that your small touch goes a long way on the feel of your home.