Important Tools For the First Time Homeowner

Congratulations on purchasing your first home!  Once you own a house and no longer have a maintenance person that you would find at an apartment complex, the reality sets in that you will be keeping the place running.  Stuff is certain to break and you can hire a repair person every time for a sizable fee, or you can purchase a few tools and do some research in order to learn to solve small problems at home yourself.
If you don’t already have a toolkit, there are few things that most people should own.  It’s a good idea to have a hammer for pound and removing nails.  You may also want a selection of screwdrivers in various styles.  It can’t hurt to have a drill.  You may want a wood saw for maintenance here and there.  Certainly you’ll paint at some point so a brush and a roller can certainly be useful.
If you don’t know the first thing about using these tools, there’s never been a better time to learn.  Perhaps you have a friend who is quite handy with tools, or your father wouldn’t mind telling stories about his own tool collection.  If you’re truly embarrassed to ask someone because of your essentially zero experience with tools, feel free to take the anti-social approach and read online about how to use tools and fix the various problems that make come up when you own your own house.  Go out and buy your toolkit today and start fixing stuff around the house!

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