How to Know it’s Time for Fiberglass Insulation

If you own a business or manage your company’s facility, you know how critical it is to maintain the building. Regular and consistent upkeep will provide a safe and comfortable working environment for your employees. When you take good care of your building, you’ll also increase the value of the property. You may not think much about the insulation in your office, but this is an area you should consider updating and improving. There are some clues to know when you should do this.

It’s Noisy Inside

Depending on the type of business you run and the work your company does, noise may be a regular part of your day. However, you may perform duties that make little noise. Either way, if you notice echoing and more loud sounds than usual, the insulation may be the culprit. Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation will help solve this problem. Fiberglass insulation will absorb sounds, while sounds will simply bounce off many other types of insulation. You may be fine with some noise at work, but if it’s too much to handle, check the insulation.

You Feel a Draft

When you walk down the halls at work, or when you sit in your desk, you don’t expect to feel a lot of moving air unless you’re under a vent or if you opened your window. If air seems to be coming from the walls, your insulation could be the culprit. When insulation begins to wear out, it does a poor job holding back air from the outside and also will allow air inside to escape. Fiberglass material will help regulate this problem and keep your interior temperatures where you want them.

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Your Electric Bill Is Higher

If your air conditioner or heater is running all day long, your power bill will skyrocket. This might not be an HVAC concern. If your insulation isn’t doing its job to properly hold back air, you may need an upgrade.

Now that you can tell it’s time for new insulation, choose fiberglass. This excellent material is just what you need.