How to add an Oak Frame Extension to Your House?

The Proper Wood Type

The material choice gives you the ability to achieve excellent durability on the new frame extension. It will provide you with a long time to enjoy and benefit from its added significance. Even European Vikings use oak for their ships due to its added strength back in their days. Every home can be catered to your very own preferred taste and keep a very stylish aesthetics.

Improving Style and Space

With the ability to increase floor area in your home, several options are available. Improve the kitchen space to better suit your style and preference can be a workable solution. A living room extension that provides more space for potential guests and enjoying family celebrations is a standard solution.

Character and Durability

As oak wood is well known for its strength and durability, designing a well-shaped frame is essential. The frame and structure can increase overall rigidity and strength while it provides a distinctive character. Oak can be left bare and cured or even painted, and even without being painted it still retains durability and added style. The material of oak is famous to use in places such as fireplaces in Stockport.

A living room extension towards the garden can provide an improved view of the backyard itself. It can act as a well deserved conversational piece and an area to spend time. The given strength and durability of the wood material makes it universal such as oak trusses in Shropshire for the given comfort it provides.

A kitchen can benefit from the added space and floor area that can double as an extra dining place or a spot specifically for excellent coffee mornings. These options can all add value to your home while giving a boost in added strength of the structure and not neglecting safety.

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Green Houses and Other Benefits

It can also serve as a living room extension towards the garden in ways that it can give you a unique feel. A nature lover can extend the garden feel more indoors towards the oak frame extension is another useful approach.

Air dried oak beams is a wise choice option that can give excellent character. Natural splits occur when the shaft itself has settled during its drying phase gives a unique, beautiful style and mood to the surrounding.

The fresh green logs can hold more moisture before it settles and the air dried beams hold less humidity and offer more strength. The well-dried option that has the least amount of moisture is kiln dried beams. They can give you multiple choices for your Oak frame structure material choice.

Your fun part here is you get to choose the type of material finish while benefiting from added character and beautifying your house. Excellent practical solutions to a better morning coffee or breakfast, to an even better gathering or family dinner, can be one of the answers you can enjoy.

Improving coffee and breakfast solutions with added character can be experienced in your home and adding Colne stoves or other stylish amenities can add a more European feel to your home. In your living room extension, adding a portable grill for afternoon barbecues are given bonus you can enjoy. Even being able to add a small cooler or coffee machine in the living room extension gives you the ability to enjoy every morning in different spots at a time.

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More Benefits, Comfort and even Safety

Adding a frame extension to your home will give you the ability to add a functional and available area. The choice of oak wood means excellent structural strength and durability are one of the many benefits for you.

Added space means more comfort and an excellent area to your home. It can give more freedom to your loved ones and people at home when relaxing with a more enjoyable space. A wise structural design can aid in giving you improved strength and durability, while it provides more areas for enhanced lighting and view.

The home value will increase as oak frame extensions add improved visuals and strength; this makes it a wise investment for you. With the more visual structural frame, a refined yet added location for better lighting could yield more comfort and added safety.


With the given strength of oak wood itself. The reliability of new door installations, windows and locks are rest assured to be strong. It can provide extended safety and home security for you. As this gives you the benefit of improved space, comfort and character to your home, it becomes a wise investment that can cover multiple benefits at once.