Four At-Home Termite Control Solutions

Termites can destroy your home in as little as two years! This Common household pest is one of the most damaging. As a homeowner, it is important to keep an eye out for termites and act at the first sign of trouble. Termites feed on the cellulose that is found inside dead, decaying wood. They’ll fee on stumps in the lawn as well as the structure of your home, where thousands of dollars of damage can occur.

Although it is essential to call a professional to schedule residential pest control services Chicago IL if you suspect termites at your home, there are also a few simple solutions to try before the professionals arrive. As a proactive homeowner, it is much easier to rid your home of termites and regain the peace of mind that’s been lost. Some of the easy, at-home termite removal techniques that you should try to include the four listed below.

Sunlight Exposure

Termites are nocturnal creatures, meaning they do not come out during the day. The UV rays from the sun can kill the pests in a matter of minutes. If you want to rid furniture or other small areas of termites, sun exposure is one of the simplest techniques to use to accomplish that feat. Leave furniture and other pieces lying in direct sunlight for a period of approximately four days for proper termite elimination.

Neem Oil

Don’t expect overnight termite relief when using Neem Oil, but it does work. The non-toxic oil is sold at many home improvement stores and has long been used as a natural pest control remedy. When placed on a cotton ball and rubbed on furniture, wood, and other areas where termites have been spotted, you’ll cause the inability for the termite to eat the wood or to lay any additional eggs. The Neem Oil eventually kills the termites as well.

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Wet Cardboard Trap

The wet cardboard trap is a useful solution that may help you capture some of the termites invading your home. To use this trap, soak a few corrugated cardboard boxes in water. Place the boxes in locations around the outside of the home where you suspect termites. Check the box for signs of termites a couple of times per day. Once you see termites feeding on the box, destroy the box by burning it in a safe location.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is easy to use around the home, in the garden, around shed and garages, and elsewhere. It is sprinkled alongside the foundation and edges of the home. The product works by disintegrating the termite’s outer shell, thus causing the termite to dry out and then dry. Diatomaceous Earth is sold at many home improvement stores.

Final Thoughts

Termites are a danger to many homeowners in the Chicago area, including your own home. They wreak havoc before many homeowners realize what’s occurred. If you suspect termites at your home, use the ideas above to keep them at bay until the pest control experts can come to your home to treat the problem.