Don’t Overlook Your Foundation in Preparing for Severe Weather

In preparing for a severe storm, especially tornadoes and hurricanes, people often focus their attention on doors, windows, and other weak points. While this is certainly important, it’s also crucial to evaluate the condition of your basement and the foundation of your home. Taking the time to examine this part of the home can help you identify areas that need to be strengthened.

Your basement should incorporate a drainage system to help eliminate water that gains access to this part of the home. If it can’t properly drain, it will lay stagnant and create the ideal conditions for the growth of mold. This is just one way a professional contractor can help you look after the health of your home’s foundation. A drain tile system will ensure the water doesn’t pool and create unnecessary hazards.

Additionally, you should ask your contractor to develop a strategy for foundation repair Dupage County IL that will help you fortify your foundation. Even smaller cracks can expand and provide greater access to strong winds and forceful rains. If you observe larger cracks in your basement there may be a deeper problem, which a professional and experienced contractor can diagnose. This may involve repairing the outside walls, as well as the cracks found on the interior of the basement.

Once these repairs have been made, there’s a final step you should consider taking. Asking your contractor to waterproof the basement can save you headaches in the future. This added treatment can help you protect your foundation against water damage and mold growth, making it a safer space to occupy. Whether you regularly use your basement space or simply use it as a storage space, keeping it dry and free from mold is vital.

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Taking these steps to protect your basement and foundation will pay off before you realize it. As soon as the next storm hits your area, you’ll be grateful that you spent the time and resources to protect your home’s foundation. You may even find that this is now the ideal place for your family to gather, during a severe storm. Now that it has been made resistant to water damage, your basement can be a safe haven for your loved ones.