Do You Annoy Your Neighbour?

Does your neighbour bang on the wall late at night? If so, there’s a very good chance the noise coming from your side of the wall is disturbing them. Even if you don’t think your TV or conversations are that loud, they may be grating on even the most placid of neighbours. And bad relations with those that live close by can have unpleasant ramifications.
The good news is, once you’re aware of the noise you’re making, you can start to address it.
The TV and stereo We’ve all cranked up the volume on the TV for an action blockbuster or the radio for our favourite song, but you’d be surprised how annoying that is on the other side of the wall – especially if your neighbour is able to make out what you’re watching or listening to.
Washing machines Doing your washing at night may be convenient for your lifestyle, but spare a thought for the mum trying to get her child to sleep next door if you’re putting on a spin-cycle.
Musician Everyone loves a musician. Everyone except for their neighbours, that is. An electric guitar, drum kit or any other type of instrument, has the potential to disturb, so don’t go for the loudest amplifier on the market. If you’re in a band, just remember that you’re practising, not reaching someone at the back of a stadium!
Shouting Bellowing from room to room not only annoys the person you’re talking to, but it also irks everyone else who can hear you. Face-to-face conversations may take a little more effort, but it’s more polite and it’s far less intrusive on others. Arguments are part and parcel of relationships, but unless you want your neighbour knowing your private life, it might be in your interests to stay quiet.
Doors slamming It may make you feel better to slam your door in the middle of a heated discussion, but it won’t endear you to those close enough to feel the vibrations.
Love-making Like with arguments, some aspects of a relationship are considered private for a reason. After all, nobody wants dirty looks when you leave the house in the morning.
Parties We all like to let our hair down from time to time, but if it’s every week, the regular disturbance may raise the blood pressure of those around you. If you’re neighbours aren’t the sort to attend your parties, they aren’t likely to appreciate hearing them through a wall either.
So what can you do?
Consideration is number one. Everyone has a right to live in peace and quiet – and the law stipulates as much – so it’s in both party’s interests to do our best to keep the volume to a minimum. And if you’re watching TV or listening to music alone, then it may be a good idea to consider headphones as a neighbour-friendly option.
However, if you want to live with the freedom to use your home as you wish – making whatever noise goes along with that – then why not make your home a quieter place by considering a type of sound-proofing, such as acoustic insulation or sound insulation.

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