Crushed Stone is Used for Many Purposes

The average layperson has no idea how crushed stone is used. Professionals in the construction industry are very aware of the various many uses for crushed stone. Crushed stone Cincinnati OH is a great source of stone for building construction, landscaping, railroad ballasts and road paving.

Types of Rock That Becomes Crushed Stone

Depending on the region, different regional rock is used to make crushed stone. In Virginia the native rocks are gneiss, quartzite, basalt, aplite, greenstone, marble, granite and limestone. Generally, in the United States the most common rock used to make crushed stone includes sandstone, scoria, dolomite, trap rock, limestone, granite, volcanic cinder, dacite, shell, calcareous marl and sandstone.


Limestone is the most prevalent rock type mined for crushed stone. It makes of 70% of the crushed stone used in the U.S. Limestone has two varieties: Limestone is a calcium carbonate and dolomite its first cousin is composed of calcium magnesium carbonate. When mining for this rock both varieties are frequently found together. Limestone has a Mohs Hardness of 3, while dolomite has a hardness of 4. For most uses, the chemical composition is unimportant. It’s only in uses that involve chemicals, blast furnace or acid neutralization that the composition of the crushed rock is essential.

Common Uses of Crushed Rock

There at least 32 common industry uses for crushed rock. Below is a list of ten of the most common uses:

1. Road Construction
2. Concrete Sand
3. Roofing Granules
4. Glass Manufacture
5. Acid Neutralization
6. Whiting
7. Cement
8. Railroad Ballast
9. Terrazzo
10. Landscape Stone

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The Abundance of Crushed Rock

Crushed rock was produced at a rate of four tons of rock per person in 2017. The total amount produced was 1.33 billion tons. To build an asphalt road or a subdivision crushed stone is widely used. In the average subdivision with 50 homes 15,000 tons of crushed stones will be used. This means each day, somewhere at least 20 pounds of crushed stone is being employed for every person that’s alive.

Crushed Stone for Highway Paving

The longest road in America is U.S. Route 20 that can be found in Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Newport, Oregon. It measures 3,365 miles long. Three quarter inch crushed stone is used as an aggregate in highway construction and as a road base. The amount of crushed rock needed for any project is determined by the depth of rock needed and the length and width of the road.

Using Crushed Stone for Landscaping

Landscaping with crushed stone could create a very well-groomed look around your home or business. Crushed stone is a great alternative to grass where droughts are a frequent problem. Stone can be used a fill for large areas as is seen in Japanese gardens where the stone is often raked to form circles or linear lines creating a decorative look. It can also be used with walkways to highlight the paving stones or as an edging along the walkway.

Crushed stone is fairly inexpensive as long as you source it locally. The transportation alone will cost as much or more to obtain crushed stone from non-local sources. It is the most common commodity in construction and its low price usually indicates its prevalence.

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