Celebrating Senior Independence!

Today’s seniors want independence and prefer to stay in their homes and neighborhoods for as long as possible.
Did you know that almost 2.0 million people celebrated their 65th birthday in 1999?
That is 5,422 per day back then and our senior population is estimated to grow significantly between the years 2010 and 2030 when the “baby boom” generation reaches age 65. By 2030, there will be around 70 million senior citizens. That’s more than twice the number in 1999. Those who are 65 and over are expected to be 20% of the population by 2030!
Today’s seniors are more active and social than ever before. Golf, hobbies, travel, family and friends keep you moving and on the go which leaves little time for routine home maintenance chores and eventual modifications that will need to be done if you plan to stay in and enjoy your home. As we get older our bodies experience natural changes that can influence how we live as well as the mobility in and safety of our homes. These changes occur gradually and are sometimes undetectable.
Simple modifications to your home such as installing grab bars in the bathroom and shower areas, adding a hand held shower head and bath and shower seats as well as raising the height of your toilet seat can give you increased mobility and a secure and stable living environment. You can even find upgraded and fancy grab bars in satin nickel, stainless steel and fashion colors to compliment your home’s decor online or at your local hardware or specialty store.
Installing additional simple task lighting in the kitchen, office and living areas will give your eyes a boost and you’ll be able to read longer or do hobby and craft projects with ease. Adding a hand railing at your front entry will give you additional stability when bringing in groceries and installing a “landing table” or shelf inside near the front door will give you a place to put items that you’ve carried in. All these are simple, easy to install items that will enable you to stay safe while enjoying your home for a long time!
Routine home maintenance is simple. Here are a few items you should check monthly:
• Look under all sinks, around toilet bases and washer hoses for leaks or signs of water
• Test door knobs and locks to make sure they are secure operational
• Make sure all your lights have working bulbs
• Remove all clutter from stairs, hallways and walkways to prevent falls
Your home is your castle and you can live safe, secure and efficiently by implementing these simple ideas and routine maintenance items – Its time to celebrate senior independence and enjoy overall quality of life – today!

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