Bamboo Flooring Color

Flooring plays important role in giving our home a more clean and proper environment for us to stay. So many kinds of flooring can be installed in our house. You can apply wooden flooring; you can apply ceramic flooring; or, one type of flooring that becomes a trend and is popular among many modern houses, is bamboo flooring. It is flooring made from a kind of tree named bamboo. They have various kinds. One that is usually used to make bamboo flooring is called Moso. Bamboo is very popular in China, as a country of which so many manufacturers that supply the demand of bamboo all over the world. You can use internet to compare.
You can choose one from two types of bamboo flooring color. There are the natural color and carbonized color. You can see the clear differences between those two types of bamboo color. The natural color is usually golden. Otherwise, the carbonated color of them will always look darker than the natural color. It is like coffee. However, you can get different colors other than those two types of color, by to paint it with the color you like before the product is finished.
Bamboo has some advantages comparing to the other types of flooring. You can select more types from additional selections. The solid bamboo is resistant toward the moisture. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your flooring will get wet and spoiled just like the wooden flooring. Besides, bamboo can also resist many insects. Therefore, you can hardly get your bamboo broken by termites and many other insects. Another advantage of using bamboo is that they have the same hardness as the wooden flooring, but with less fragile characteristics. Bamboo flooring hardness is usually measured and rated with a conventional test called Janka hardness test. This test compares bamboo to another kind of hard wood like oak.
Beside the advantages, as mentioned before, there are so many cons of using bamboo. The cons of them are usually hardly voiced by the green movement activists. It is understandable, since to make bamboo products, it takes so many trees to cut down. This is very opposite with what is fought by the green movement. The pro sides counter that with some statements that bamboo is a very renewable tree. So, now it is your choice whether or not you want to apply bamboo in your house. One thing for sure, putting aside those pros and cons, bamboo can make your house fantastic.

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