An Annual Checklist to Keep Your Home Looking Terrific

It can be hard to keep your home looking terrific year after year. Small repairs turn into big projects when left untouched. Avoid this from happening to your home’s exterior by using the following guide.

Check the Structure

Checking the structure means to look over the roof, foundation, and windows. Climb up onto the roof to get a closer look. Are there any missing shingles or areas that need replaced? Find a roofing company pittsburgh pa residents rely on such Knox’s Construction to help you with your evaluation as well as repairs. If you have broken windows or torn screens, have them replaced. Last but not least, make sure the foundation is still in good shape.

Improve Asthetics

Once you know the actual structure of your home is in good shape, stand back and take a look at the entire house. What does it look like from the curb? If you have missing siding, peeling paint, or exposed wood, now is the time to look into re-siding. Re-hang any loose shutters, and replace or paint old and tired looking doors. Don’t forget about the trim work. This will also need to be repaired, painted, or replaced.

Create Landscaping

Even after completing all of the necessary repairs, your house may still look like it needs something. Landscaping often solves this problem. You can search online for ideas or ask at your local garden center. Shrubs help hide imperfections around a house and add texture. Evergreens will give you color all year long. Plant a nice mix of perennials that will come back each summer as well as annuals that will add a pop of bright color.

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Once you are in the habit of doing an annual checklist, you will be able to keep repairs and maintenance under control. Little jobs will get finished before they become huge problems, and you will be able it enjoy how wonderful your house can be.