Advantages of Solid Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring offers real advantages when you come to renew the floors in your home. There is no doubt that replacing your old floor is a big decision and that it is one that is important to get right. A mistake that many people make when it comes to renewing their floors is that they assume because real oak floorboards are expensive that other options are a better choice. In this article I hope to show you the real long term benefits of choosing solid hardwood flooring and the advantages of oak in particular.
As already noted solid oak flooring is expensive. The main reason for this is that hardwoods grow slowly and take a long time to replace. Some people believe that softwood flooring is just as useful and is obviously much cheaper. The problem with softwood is that as the fibers are less dense the surface of the boards mark easily and in time can look scruffy. Hardwoods on the other hand due to their superior density mark far less and will wear well over time.
Another option that looks cheap on the face of it is installing laminate flooring. The problem here is that there is not any solid wood in laminate at all. It is merely recycled wood chips bound together by glue. If laminate becomes damp it will separate and warp. Solid oak flooring on the other hand is resistant to damp as it is a dense wood, but also due to it being a solid material it will not tend to split unless it is seriously abused. Aside from laminates propensity to split and warp there is another issue to contend with and that is surface marking. If a laminate board is deeply scored then there is little that can be done to restore it. A solid floorboard on the other hand can be re-sanded and a new finish applied.
Refinishing your floor brings me to my final point and it is this – real wood flooring can be sanded and refinished to suit taste and fashion several times without any adverse effects. This means that if this year you want a dark finish and next year you want a light one this can be achieved without the expense of purchasing a new floor and having to install it. Is solid oak flooring still expensive when you compare it with installing a laminate floor several times over the same period?

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