5 Top Tips to Choose an Area Rug

Deciding on the right area rug can be very similar to choosing the right career path. While the right area rug will not help you buy a home, it will help you complete your home and tie it all in together. To make sure you are buying the right area rugs in Manchester, NH, follow these top tips to selecting the perfect area rug.

Color is the Obvious Choice

There are many things you can and should take into account for when selecting a new area rug. Of these, color is likely the first place you should always start. No matter what you do to the rest of a room, a tacky rug that clashes with the entire color scheme will throw the whole room off completely.

Make sure you are matching everything in the room. This means the obvious things such as furniture and other decorative pieces. It also means looking at things such as the color and tone of your flooring, walls, and other fixed items to ensure you are tying everything together.

Feel the Difference in an Area Rug

You will notice that area rugs come in a multitude of textures. This aspect of choosing an area rug is often overlooked but can be very crucial to your enjoyment of your piece. There are some things to think about when looking at rug textures: limited-mobility family members or household members, the ease with which to clean, and the rest of your furniture can help guide you in the right texture direction.

Size Always Matters… In Rugs

A general rule of thumb when thinking about the size of your area rug is to make sure your seating area is covered. This may not be the entire size of the room but should encompass all of the furniture within the room. Dining room area rugs must be large enough for all chairs to be on the rug when they are pulled back.

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