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A storage unit is a space that is rented out by tenants from any self storage company. Companies that are providing people self storage facilities are those that usually belong to personal and real estate property cargo transits. Such storage facilities will then be divided into self storage spaces accordingly so that tenants can get to rent these spaces out on a per month basis. The ones that usually make use of self storage services are those business establishments or people who need them to store their equipment, inventories, and collections of household goods or records.

Whether you are a business tenant or a residential tenant, storage units will be offered in a wide range of sizes. The usual size of storage spaces are those that come in 10 feet by 5 feet dimensions with 1,5 meters in depth. Some units come in as larger and they come with dimensions that are 20 feet by 20 feet that is akin to the dimension of two garages for cars. Storage units comprise corrugated metal and most if not all of them do not come with any windows. Your only way of getting inside them is by making use of a roll up metal door.

If you are concerned about the protection of storage units, you must know that they already come with very secured locks. The storage unit will only be letting the lessee or tenant be the one to access its insides. The facility operator is not even allowed or given any access to any of the contents of the storage unit of any tenant. Unless the tenant has failed to pay the monthly fees for the rented storage unit, the facility operator is not assigned at all to be taking care, having control, or having any custody of the contents of the storage unit. One of the advantages of storage units in the present times is that computers are now the ones taking control of them. To ensure additional security, surveillance cameras are even installed in every corner of the storage facility. You can even find some storage companies that have now invested their money on biometric scanners to help them in making sure that only the tenants can access their own storage units.
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On the part of the tenants making use of these storage units, they are not allowed at all to be storing perishable, toxic, or hazardous things. In addition, any tenant is not given the permission to be living or sleeping inside their storage units. If you choose modern storage facilities, you will be having storage units that make use of a climate-controlled system so that any build up of moisture or mold is prevented. These climate-controlled facilities have temperatures that range from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius only.If You Think You Understand Storage, Then This Might Change Your Mind