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Dating is a step in a love affair where the couples spend some of their time communicating or together with the aim of having a marriage in the future. The the timespan of dating depends on mutual agreement of the couples and other environmental conditions. The extent of the practices that can be exercised depends on various factors such as religion teaching and the society perspective. In other regions of the world, dating is unlawful since the parent are expected to look for a life companion for their kids when they have grown up. However, in the 21 century, many people usually date before getting married. however, most of the initial dates fail due to disagreement. This is due to general misunderstanding among the couples, and poor means of solving problems. This illustrate the need for counseling in dating.

When looking for the right person to date, they are several factors that must be put in consideration. Among them is the individual principality and choice. When dating, the couples will explore each other taste and preference and the need to make an advance step of getting married. when dating none of the couples will have the assurance of marrying each other until their plans succeed.

When dating, major concern should be coming up with suitable solutions unlike considerations that they took the wrong option to date. This will help their relationship to nourish with time as they will be handling smaller issues that may arise. When challenges are encountered are not solved, it will reach a point when each person feels that they are dating the wrong person resulting in breakage of the relationship.

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Scheduling a social event tighter such as field trips and tournaments will help to nourish the relationship. Even in such program disagreement may occur since there is always variation in people preference due to varied principals and preference. Positive attitude should be adhered to help run a successful dating.

Counsellors are learned people who can easily tell the interest of a person after a couple of communication. Looking for a chancellor at the beginning of dating will help the couples to make the right decision in their life.Unfortunately several couples seek for advice for their problems when they are not able to handle it anymore. This may not be very effective as the initial canceling.

During dating, each individual should try their level best to please their partner In this case, men should make a more advance step.. A gentleman should know how to make their gentleman feel good and wish to spend more time with him. Other things entails sacrifices of available resources such as time for each other. Such small things are known to make relationship bond stronger.

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