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The Different Styles of Oak Flooring

Oak is a tall and strong tree with the height of more than 50ft. There are numerous species in which most of the varieties belong to UK. As this oak is very strong, people in the earlier centuries used these even construct ships. So there is no wonder nowadays people prefer to have oak floors, doors and furniture.
Solid oak wood flooring is a style of flooring that has its own beauty and rich look. Solid oak offers you a wide range of style and shades which have a peculiar finish and its width can be adjusted easily for flooring. These woods are guaranteed for years but a little bit expensive and at the same time the prices will differ from country to country. The prices will also be determined in accordance to the length and width of boards.
The solid flooring is great in quality as these boards are very thick and it can be very easily removed and replaced without causing much damage and expenses. Since its surfaces are very smooth it can be very easily used again and again.
Engineered solid wood flooring is yet another type of flooring which has got special boards bonded on to a different type of timber. This type of board is very strong and stable and it will not suffer twisting. This type of flooring is suitable for rooms where the under heat problem arises.
Solid oak flooring comes in different styles to match the flooring needs of both commercial buildings and residential purposes. It can also be customized according to the demands and budget requirement of homeowners. From antique styled oak doors and floors to specialized living room designs, there are wide varieties available and it’s up to you to choose the one that matches your home’s look.
Again there are two more types of oak flooring which are red and white flooring. Because of its eye catching color and look, red oak is preferred for flooring but white oak is not used much for this purpose but mostly used for furniture.
Red oak flooring is becoming prominent among the house owners because of its durability and style which stands against dirt and other issues. Since its availability is abundant its rates are affordable in the market easily.
Oak hard wood flooring stands in the front among the other because it keeps the floor surfaces very clean and looking afresh. It always makes the room fresh and airy. It also gives you a pleasing look.…

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Which New Flooring Will You Choose?

Are you moving into a new house or perhaps putting an addition on to your existing home? Do you need to replace old worn out floors, or just want to update your decor for a beautiful new look? Installing new floors in your home can be one of the best investments you ever make. Take a look at some of the fantastic products which are available on the market today, and imagine just how nice it will be to walk around your house on some new flooring.
What makes a great floor and how do you choose one? You may want to look online to get a feel for the variety and possibilities available to you, but be sure to shop in person so that you can truly appreciate the look and feel of today’s latest products. Whatever room you have in mind, there is a floor that is ideal for you. Take samples home and live with them for a day or two to see just how that floor will look in your home.
The materials used in flooring have been revolutionized in recent years, providing extremely tough, durable products which will last for many years while still looking great. You can choose hardwood, for example, with warranties of 25 years or more, because the methods used in manufacturing make them so long-lasting. Aluminum oxide, an extremely hard material, is coated onto pre-finished hardwood planks and provides a wear layer that will hold up beautifully to lots of foot traffic. There are so many gorgeous species of wood to consider, including traditional oak, hickory, maple, cherry, walnut, teak, Brazilian cherry, rosewood and many other domestic and exotic woods from all over the world.
Laminate is another choice which is also protected with a similar durable aluminum oxide wear layer. It can take a pounding from kids and pets and still look great. Shop for laminate in a huge variety of looks and sizes, from rustic to contemporary. The technology used in creating laminate floors is so advanced, it’s hard to tell it from the original hardwood, stone or tile that it mimics. New looks include high-gloss laminate in exotic woods which will take your breath away.
Likewise, vinyl floors aren’t the same as your mother once had in her home. Updated styles in a variety of vinyl products which are comfortable underfoot are combined with an extremely well-wearing, no-wax finish. Choose from either sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl tiles. Luxury vinyl tiles have a designer look, and are really versatile. Intricate designs and borders can be created on your floor giving a true designer look. Combine this with easy maintenance, and you will fall in love with your new floor.
Tile is a great choice for a beautiful look. Ceramic or porcelain comes in a huge variety of colors and sizes to compliment any taste. Some new looks replicate slate so closely it’s hard to tell the difference. Other trendy styles can have the texture of wood, or incorporate glass or metal accents into ceramic floors and walls that really give a “wow” look to your decor. Shop around to find the tile that’s just right for your next project.
Are you environmentally conscious? Take a look at cork or bamboo for your next floor. These are sustainable products which look beautiful and are green, too.
Browse through some carpet samples, and you will find many colors and patterns from which to choose. The newest trend in carpet is super-soft fiber, which comes in many traditional and casual styles for your home. You will love the feel of soft nylon and new fiber types which not only provide comfort, but incredible stain-resistance and durability.
Cut and loop, or sculptured styles give a subtle pattern which is an excellent choice for a more formal look in your living room or dining room, or you may choose a woven carpet with a stunning pattern which picks up the colors of your furnishings and accessories. Soft textured cut-pile looks are wonderful in almost every room, and berber is a frequent choice of style in basements and family rooms. Whether you choose a wool oriental look, traditional solid color or flecked berber style, you can rest assured that your carpet will be made with the latest technology for excellent wear and stain-resistance.
You might be planning to work with an interior designer, or you may be on a shoestring budget, but whatever your situation, you can find the perfect floor for your home…