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Bathroom Remodeling is Worth the Investment

Old linoleum, moldy corners and disintegrated caulking make a bathroom one of the least pleasant places to be in a home. This creates discomfort for guests and embarrassment for the homeowner. Sometimes health complications also are induced through problems and damage in old bathrooms. When a one reaches this point of deterioration, it is time to remodel.
Remodeling a bathroom adds value to a home and produces an environment of comfort and safety. However, the process is often involved and complicated due to the number of fixtures and plumbing considerations. In bathrooms with poor ventilation and old fixtures, water damage might extend beyond surface areas into the walls and sub-flooring. Cases like this require extensive labor and sometimes reinforcement of structural integrity. These are issues that will not be readily apparent in the initial considerations for the project, but must be anticipated as possibilities. If a bathroom turns out to need only surface treatment, all the better for the homeowner.
Considerations for a bathroom remodeling project should include specifying exactly what components need replaced, potential water damage issues, coordination of new components within the current color schemes and context, as well as ventilation and structural integrity. Most projects for older bathrooms will involve replacing major components such as the sink, bathtub and toilet. Well-maintained components may be able to remain, but will require removal for the duration of the remodel. If the bathtub or shower unit remains in good condition, it constitutes the one piece that a major project can work around.
Any remodeling project will begin with demolition of existing material. Once the fixtures are removed, flooring must be taken up, wallpaper removed, water-logged drywall torn out and old, unfit plumbing replaced. Most of the time, fixing up a bathroom without altering these aspects is comparable to placing a band-aid on a wound that needs stitching. Because taking apart a bathroom is such a huge project, the best long-term investment for the homeowner involves complete overhaul of all those aspect that require removal of major fixtures.
Replacement material must be carefully chosen. Putting down permanent, water-resistant materials on the floor, such as tile, will enhance the look of the bathroom while at the same time ensuring the maximum amount of durability. Furthermore, hardy materials tend to clean up well. If replacing drywall is necessary, using a water resistant brand will minimize the possibility of future complications.
Bathroom remodeling intimidates many homeowners. With proper understanding and experienced guidance, the project will enhance the value of a home and create peace of mind for current occupants.…