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Tips on Decorating a Comfort Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the favorite places for many people. In addition to being a place to rest, the bedroom can also be used for other activities such as learning, working, doing tasks, playing games, and even some people use it as a gathering place with their friends.


Already getting bored with the current bedroom atmosphere? Try to use your time by redecorating your own room. Make the room feel more spacious and make you more relaxed at rest. Here’s how to decorate a practical bedroom.

Add Fresh Flowers in Your Bedroom

Put fresh flowers in the bedroom to make the atmosphere more comfortable. Customize the flower color with your room decor. Place the flower beside the bed. Bedside flowers are a must for me because the flowers boost spirits and add a touch of romance in the room.

Change Room Lamp

According to Hill, lighting can affect a person’s mood. If you usually only use room lights white or bright, try changing with dimmer lighting. Soothing lighting will make different nuances in your bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a unique sleeping lamp with funny ornaments.

Replace the Dark Color Curtains

Many choose bright room curtains such as white, beige, to light blue. But many are trying to make the room more detailed. Actually the darker the room, the sooner you fall asleep. Therefore, invest your money in curtains or dark curtains.

Select the Blue Wall Paint

Studies conducted lighting research center in new york, united states shows that the blue color has a calming effect and relieve stress. Choose a color with a soft palette like baby blue, blue pastel or dusty blue for the impression of a wider room. Blue salted eggs give the impression of cool, but if you do not want your room look like a hospital room, combine with white furniture. Combination of these two colors gives a fresh feel.

Add Aroma Lavender

Lavender can give a relaxing effect when inhaled. Some studies also show that the scent of purple flowers can help you get better sleep quality. Lavender aroma can be presented through oil or aromatherapy candles, can also be dried flowers as a mixture of potpourri placed in the corner of the room or dresser


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General Article

Tips for Choosing Dining Table For Minimalist Home

One of the most important furniture in the house is the dining table. Here, the whole family can enjoy the delicious home cooking as well as gather and discuss the light topics.


For that, the selection of the right dining table should you note especially if you have a house with a minimalist model, then presents a modern minimalist dining is one of the things you should apply to the dining room. Deciding where to eat according to the width of the house can sometimes be difficult if you do not know how. If someone chooses, then your house looks narrow. Here are some tips you need to consider to create a minimalist home table:

Determine Table Shape

Generally the dining table model there are two rounds and square. But because the space you have is limited, you should avoid the rectangular model. The round model can accommodate 3-6 people while the square model can only accommodate 2-4 people.

Notice the Material

If you want a wooden dining table, choose hardwood materials such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak. Do not be composite or composite, such as MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF is a material of a mixture of hard and fine wood compressed into a board. Although durable, but not as strong and hard as the type of hardwood.

Measure the Dining Room

It is important to measure the dining table according to the area of your dining room, especially if the dining room is small. Do not let the table is too big for a small room, or too small for a spacious room. Rectangular tables placed in a narrow space will make the room look cramped.

Check the Table Dimension

Most dining tables have a standard height of 28 – 30 inches. The most comfortable height can provide enough space above the knee and parallel to the elbow as you sit. While the width, whether it is oval, square, round or rectangle has a standard width of 36 inches above, depending on the number of people. For example oval with a length of 84 inches, can accommodate up to 10 people.…

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Home Repair

How to Find Reputable Home Repair Contractors

Although there are some home maintenance repair projects around the house that you can do yourself, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes a repair project is too complicated or too dangerous for you to attempt on your own, and then you need to choose from among the many available home repair contractors in order to get the repair done safely. However, you want to make sure to hire someone who is reputable.
When you are looking into home repair contractors, you want to make sure to check out their reputation. You might want to start by asking your friends and neighbors if they would recommend anyone, and then look for online reviews of past customers as well as asking the contractors themselves for references you can call. You want to find out whether the contractor did a good job and whether or not they would hire him again. Make sure that they are registered, licensed and bonded.
Once you have some home repair contractors to choose from, you should get written bids from each of them that include what work is to be done, what materials are necessary, and how much they will charge to do the work. Check with each to see what sort of warranty or guarantees they offer on their work. You want to avoid any offers that seem to be really low. These might be due to the contractor using cheap materials. Or the contractor might be bidding low – then after getting the job he can add more expenses to make up the difference between his cost and what he’s charging you.
After deciding between your choices for home repair contractors, you should get a very detailed written contract from the one you choose. This should include all the details that were in the original bid, but it is now more legally binding than it was in the bid. Make sure that the contract states who is responsible for cleaning up after the work is done.
You don’t want to find yourself with a home contractor that isn’t reputable and doesn’t do the work that you require, so do your research and make sure you get everything in writing.…

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Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Remodel 101

If you are remodeling your kitchen, do it by the numbers, don’t freewheel it. Get a design first! Use an Architect on any larger remodel, and on a smaller one at least have some basic drawings done. Most big box stores will have a computer design tool where you can see before you buy. You cannot just start buying components because you find them on sale. No overall plan? You won’t like the results.
The cost of remodeling your kitchen depends on current layout, size and condition of your room, as well as the quality of replacement products you prefer. According to an annual construction cost survey by Remodeling Online, a minor remodel of a 200-square-foot (10×20) kitchen averages $17,037-$19.366 nationwide; a mid-range major remodel including an island and other upgrades runs $50,860-$59,716; and an upscale remodel for the same size kitchen can be $103,529-$115,549. These are averages; actual costs may be higher or lower. The cost for redoing your bathroom can run from $5,000 for a very basic upgrade all the way to $40,000 or more for a complete new look.
If you start buying, before you have a “complete” plan, you will end up spending more, and you won’t like the results as well, it is just that simple. One of THE most important decisions is hiring the right General Contractor. Your decision on what General Contractor to use is critical.
When talking about numbers this size, doesn’t it make sense to spend some time doing research on the Contractor you are hiring to do the job? Isn’t it worth some homework time to completely check the Contractor out BEFORE you hire him?
When deciding on which General Contractor (GC) to use, you need to do your homework up front. Once you are into the deal and the paperwork has been signed and the process has started, it is too late to address whatever comes up WITHOUT a large amount of additional effort and money.
If you are about to embark on a remodel, large or small, you will have quite a few hours deciding what is going into this new remodel. You will go to a large variety of stores, outlets, factories, etc to pick out the various products you want. You will look at appliances, floor covering options, colors, counter top materials, and on and on it goes. This is a normal part of the remodel process. First you must pick out what products and materials you wish to use.
You wouldn’t simply go hire a General Contractor, show them what you want done and leave all the choices up to them. You wouldn’t have the GC pick out your counter tops or cabinets, or anything else for that matter. You do all the homework, shop all the products, make all the choices. Then you hand it off to the GC to fulfill your wishes, using the products you chose. Sounds pretty straight forward, yes?
So if you are going to do all that homework in picking out the products and materials that go into your remodel, shouldn’t you spend enough time in picking the people who are going to do the work? Shouldn’t you do your homework and verify that the person you hire to do the work is qualified to, in fact, do the work? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that his license is up to date, that his subcontractors and suppliers are happy with his work and they got paid on time? Don’t you want to know these things BEFORE you hire your GC?
You could pick out the best materials and products to be used in your remodel, but put the wrong person/company in charge of installing them and you might not like the result. Remember, you have to live with the result for a long time, you better like it.
When interviewing a GC for your project, one of the first things you can quite easily do is get his General Contractors license number. Then go to state regulating board in charge of regulating General Contractors and make sure his license is valid and up to date. Make sure there are no leans or complaints or suspensions related to his business. If he has no license, the solution should be simple; no deal, period.
Additionally, does he have his general liability insurance up to date, ask for proof of insurance. What you do not need is to have a subcontractor get hurt on your job and because the GC doesn’t have the proper insurance or proper amount of insurance, the sub sues you for damages. Again it is simple, not properly insured? NO DEAL.
Once you get past that, you want to ask for references. You want to talk to 3 clients with projects in the local area and with …

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Home Maintenance

Designing a 1920s Kitchen

It may seem counter intuitive to base a kitchen remodel on a style from nearly 100 years ago, but a 1920s stylized kitchen can add a quick dose of charm and style to your home all the while remaining stocked with modern conveniences and appliances.
The 1920s are generally remembered as a time of parties, flapper dresses and perhaps some frivolous spending. This post WWI era embraced the young Hollywood influences, art deco, modernism and travel. Here are some different ideas to help those looking to remodel their kitchen with a 1920s motif.
Color Scheme : White, black, yellow and highlights of red were without question the most commonly used colors in 1920s interior decorating for the kitchen. White and black tiled floors are classy but keep the fun feel of a chrome diner while bright yellow trim or accent walls make the whole room feel sunny. Accessorizing with red accents such as a red clock or wall hanging is a great way to include a twenties style into a kitchen.
The benefits of the simple white and black look include that these colors are easy to match with personal accessories, it is easy to find appliances and cupboards in appropriate matching colors and black and white are surprisingly easy to keep clean looking.
Appliances : Appliances in the twenties were still very basic but have some of the most prominent features include rounded edges, simple round black knobs and large pull rather than the dainty thin ones widely available today.
Lighting : Lighting in the 1920s was fairly basic considering it had only been around for a few decades, but with today’s extensive selection of lighting there are many options for modern lighting that will fit in perfectly with the 1920s look. Hanging pendants over the island will add a nice focal point to the kitchen – white or yellow pendants are highly suggested. Under cabinet lighting is always suggested, not because it was commonly used in roaring twenties, but because it is the perfect way to highlight the beautiful d?�cor job in the kitchen. For ambient light, recessed ceiling lights are the most common and effective for even lighting. A fun way to bring the 1920s into a lighting scheme is by adding a lamp that features a woman holding up the light, which was popular.
Counter tops : Tile flooring was commonly found in twenties kitchens, but flat laminate counters were common. The best option for today’s kitchen is to keep the flat, no grout look with modern laminates, granite or marble. Granite and marble, although expensive, are highly recommended for their strength, durability and natural beauty. White or black counters will fit in beautifully.
Fixtures : A stainless steel sink and faucet mounted above the sink with a long neck will be the most appropriate in a twenties kitchen setting. Naturally sprayers, garbage disposal and instant hot water faucets weren’t used back them, but highly recommended as part of a kitchen remodel today.
Seating : Bar stools or simple chairs with stainless steel support features and yellow or white cushions are the suggested choices for setting around a small breakfast table or as additional seating at the island or bar.
Cupboards : There are a variety of cupboard options available that are still keeping with the twenties look. Plain white cupboards are always classy, cupboards that feature glass windows as well as open cupboards are appropriate as well. If the decision is made to display the contents of cupboards it is important to have simple dishes that also fit in with the twenties style. Plates that feature white backgrounds and a small decal of fruit or flower are ideal.
The best part about remodeling a kitchen is probably the research that is done ahead of time. Look for inspiration in old advertisements, photos and movies and get started designing a dream kitchen today!…

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Home Maintenance

Should You Go With Engineered or Solid Hardwood Flooring?

You decided to change the appearance of your home by removing the carpet and going with hardwood flooring. With a more pleasing appearance, hardwood replaces the gray and mundane look of carpet with bright and brilliant wood. When you start looking for which species is best for your space, you come across two types – engineered and solid hardwood flooring. What is the difference between them and which one is best for your home?
Cut directly from a wood log, solid hardwood flooring has tongues and grooves on all four sides. Sold in thicknesses between 5/16ths and 3/4ths of an inch, solid flooring is sensitive to changes in humidity and, in order to prevent warping, must be installed at or above ground level. When solid hardwood flooring is installed, all planks must be nailed down and added parallel to the floor joists.
While solid hardwood may work well in many homes, engineered flooring presents more and quicker installation options. Although made out of 100-percent hardwood, engineered flooring consists of three to nine thin wood plys bonded together through heat and pressure. The wood you see is on top, and all plys below are the same or a more stable species, such as birch.
This composition allows engineered hardwood flooring be added above and below ground level. The flooring, as well, can be installed over a radiating heat source, concrete, or any solid surface, including vinyl and tile. Installation, as well, can take less time with engineered hardwood flooring. The wood planks can be glued, stapled, or floated over a subfloor. For the latter of these three, engineered hardwood is sold as click-lock or lock and fold flooring by many manufacturers. The planks lock into place and are pressed down onto the subfloor.
Not all engineered hardwood is the same, however, and some brands can be sanded over time, while others can only be recoated. Flooring with a two to four mil think wear layer can be sanded and refinished two to five times during its lifespan. Engineered flooring without this thicker wear layer can only be recoated when worn.
Prefinished and unfinished hardwoods are also options to consider. If you plan to install hardwood flooring for a room or over a greater area, prefinished reduces installation time. If matching newer wood to older flooring is a concern, however, go with unfinished flooring. Even though installation will take longer, you can choose your own finish to give your space a continuous and seamless appearance.…

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Bathroom Remodel

When Hired For Kitchen Remodel Planning Companies Can Get Creative

When in need of kitchen remodel planning, home improvement design and remodeling companies have been helping people throughout all areas. Whether they are looking for ways to create larger kitchen areas for growing families, plan a renovation project to modernize an outdated kitchen or add value to their home they have found that there are many benefits to their kitchen remodeling projects.

Innovative Kitchen Remodeling Features

For homeowners who want to create a fresh and modern kitchen area there are many new innovative kitchen remodeling features that are available to create the kitchen of their dreams. A professional contractor who works for a reputable Maryland home improvement company can help give advice on what features would provide the most benefits for a homeowner and their family.

Some of the features that home improvement contractors are able to include in the remodeled kitchen design include:

Energy efficient products such as dishwashers that are built to use less water, LED lighting options that use less electricity and windows that are designed to help create more comfortable climate options by eliminating UV rays from penetrating through.

Elegant countertops and backsplashes made from materials such as marble, granite, quartz and even sandstone.

Built in cappuccino and espresso makers for the homeowner who enjoys their gourmet coffees.

Built in ranges and ovens designed for specific needs and to help add additional cooking spaces.

Built in water purification units that provide clean and refreshing water whenever it is needed.

This is just a sample of the many great ideas that can be incorporated into a kitchen remodeling project.

Adding Value To A Home With Kitchen Renovation Projects

When dealing with kitchen remodel planning, Maryland home improvement contractors have reported an increase in the amount of requests that they get from homeowners throughout Baltimore, Ellicott City, Annapolis, Columbia and other surrounding areas for ideas on how to increase the value of their home. Some of projects that seem to produce the highest returns when incorporated into a kitchen remodeling project include:

The addition of energy efficient products such as lighting fixtures and appliances.

Garden window areas within the kitchen

Updated windows and doors

Larger dining areas

Island cooking stations

Again the ideas that can be implements when remodeling a kitchen area to add value to an existing home area only limited to the homeowner’s imagination.…

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Home Contractors

Custom Kitchen Remodeling – Using Your Imagination to Design a Kitchen That Will Be the Envy of All

The best kitchen remodel template you can ever find is not the one that you stole from Jerry the architect’s office when you went visiting the other day, or the one you saw in Los Angeles the last time you were in the Sin City. Your kitchen does not even have to be remodeled after that of Bill Gates, or according to the picture you saw in a chef’s kitchen in Italy. You may not have thought of it, but the best kitchen remodel you can do is one that comes right out of your own imagination.
You can pick one idea from here or there, and you can throw in a twist from something you saw or experienced in the past, but you cannot have a custom built kitchen that you will appreciate unless it is a kitchen that was built precisely with you in mind. When it comes to that, you have to see that you take your time planning it and mapping out your strategy before you even begin, because you can make a big botch of it otherwise.
Remodeling your kitchen to suit your specific tastes is sure to take some hard work. For the most part, you may even want to consider doing it yourself; however that will depend almost entirely on the extent of work you need done within the kitchen space. Certainly there are bound to be repairs needed in the kitchen, like a faulty or broken valve, a leaky sink or pipe, a busted wall socket, cracked tiles, and peeling paint, to name but a few. For a surety, you are also going to need a few new appliances brought in from outside, and a few of the old ones gotten rid of. After all, what you are trying to do is to customize your kitchen by modernizing it for the latest century.
The point is that whatever your imagination tells you can be done and if you do it with some moderation you will end up with a really unique and customized kitchen that just might end up being the envy of all that behold it. Trust me, it can happen.…

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Home Improvement Contractors

The Many Uses of Bamboo in Today’s World

These days people are becoming more and more earth and environment conscious, which is a great thing. It doesn’t matter if global warming is a real thing or not, what really matters is taking care of the planet we live on. Bamboo is fat becoming one of the materials that will help us do just that. Let’s take a look at some of the many uses of bamboo.
One of the most popular uses of bamboo is as a fabric. This can be used for clothes of for bedding, blankets, and even towels. If you can find these is 100% bamboo then you will really benefit from them, but be careful because some companies will mix them with other fabrics to reduce the cost. But when you do that, you also reduce the quality.
The bamboo, when used as a fabric, is really great for your skin. First off it’s 100% biodegradable so there is no carbon footprint when wearing bamboo. But besides that, it is a fabric that is really good at breathing allowing for great temperature regulation. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight and still be dry so it can keep you cool too.
The next most common use of bamboo is as a material for flooring. Bamboo flooring is one of the most popular because it’s great for the environment with it’s 100% biodegradable benefits. Besides that though bamboo flooring is beautiful and can actually come in many different colors.
Bamboo flooring is also very strong and can last you a long time. That doesn’t mean you can beat up on it because just like any other type of flooring, you will have to protect it and care for it. However, one place that really helps is bamboo is naturally water resistance so it’s a great floor to have in that case.
Finally you can use bamboo because it’s a very pretty plant for landscaping. There are many types of bamboo and not all of them are crazy and grow like weeds. So you have to do your research on the right type of plant if you are going to put them in your yard. But once you do, you can create a gorgeous bamboo garden that will become the envy of all your neighbors.
As you can tell, bamboo has many uses and we only looked at a few of the more popular ones here. I would not be surprised if in the coming years more clothing is made from bamboo rather than cotton and that goes for bedding too.…