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The Materials Used During The Construction Of Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the latest trends in mattress construction is the use of memory foam, which provides increased support and comfort and a great nights sleep. The problem is that many individuals aren’t aware of the technology used in their construction, which causes them to avoid them out of fear that they won’t meet their needs. Here is a quick overview of the various layers used in the construction of foam style mattresses, and why they are becoming a top pick for nearly every type of sleeper.

Start At The Top

The top layer is one of the most important, as it is what a body will come in contact with while sleeping. Most start with a viscoelastic memory foam layer that is typically two to four inches thick and cradles the body while sleeping and helps to distribute any heat buildup to allow even the warmest sleepers to remain cool all night long. The memory foam layer is thick enough to provide comfort, yet sturdy enough to prevent the sinking feeling that was common in older models.

Work Towards The Middle

The middle consists of a pocket coil system that provides additional support, but unlike traditional mattresses, the coils are wrapped in fabric, which allows them to respond to changes in weight distribution without causing a transfer of motion or the annoying creaking noises that are common with older beds. The coil level is then surrounded by a ventilated side rail that increases airflow and further helps to reduce the buildup of heat.

Now The Base

The base is an essential element because a memory foam mattress does not utilize a box spring unit. Most are constructed of high-density foam that is a minimum of one inch in thickness, which provides a solid foundation for the coil system and resists sagging. In addition to decreasing the weight of the mattress, it also helps to increase its overall life expectancy.

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